How to find and tame animals in Fortnite

How to find and tame animals in Fortnite

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Fortnite’s latest season came to a dramatic finale when Agent Jones and The Foundation locked the Zero Point away in a tower of stone. The theme of Chapter 2 - Season 6 revolves around the consequences of this act. Advanced technology has been erased from the island, and players are left with nothing but their primal instinct.

Joining the prehistoric island is a batch of new wildlife. Chickens, boars, wolves, and more roam the island. Some are friendly, while others are hostile. However, hostile wildlife can be tamed and turned into allies. Additionally, animals can be hunted and harvested to create special weapons and items.

This guide will teach readers everything they need to know about the animals and wildlife introduced in Fortnite Chapter 2 - Season 6.

How to find and tame Wolves in Fortnite

Wolves are Apex Predators in the real world as well as in the Fortnite world. These vicious creatures travel in packs of three and will hunt players down on sight.

Wolves tend to patrol the wooded and mountainous regions of the map. Weeping Woods and Mount Kay are two good places to look. 

Similar to Boars, Wolves can be tamed. Tamed Wolves will fight for their owners till death.

Taming Wolves is a bit tricky. Since they roam in packs of three, players will need to deal with the whole pack. To do this, the player will need to either eliminate two of the Wolves or distract all three at once. Otherwise, the remaining two Wolves will attack the player while they try and tame one.

Wolves are meat-eaters. Toss a piece of Meat toward a Wolf to distract it. Approach the Wolf while it’s eating and interact with it to tame it. The Wolf will get all lovey and cuddly and become your friend.

When eliminated, Wolves will drop three Animal Bones and two pieces of Meat. Theoretically, players could kill one Wolf and feed its meat to the other Wolves. The idea sounds very cruel and cannibalistic, but it is just a video game!

How to find and tame Chickens in Fortnite

New to Fortnite, we have the classic Chicken. Chickens can spawn anywhere on the map, but they are most often found near farmland like Colossal Crops and Steel Farm.

Chickens are harmless creatures; they are more frightened of you than you should be of them. In fact, approaching a Chicken will startle it and cause it to flee. Chickens on the run are actually quite difficult to catch.

If players can get close enough, it’s possible to catch a Chicken. Caught Chickens can be hoisted over the player’s head, granting them increased jump height/distance and slow fall. Players can use Chickens to rotate ridiculous distances with ease, avoid fall damage, or just pull off a crazy trick shot.

While holding a Chicken, players cannot equip any weapons or items. Letting go of the Chicken will send players plummeting to the ground, so don’t let go until your feet are safely on land!

Chickens have some other uses as well. Is a Chicken proving too difficult to catch? Maybe it just looked at you the wrong way? Players can eliminate a Chicken to receive one piece of Animal Bone and one piece of Meat.

Animal Bones can be used to craft Primal Weapons, while Meat can be used to lure certain animals, giving players the option to tame them. Fusing Animal Bones and Meat together creates the Hunter’s Cloak, a new item that allows players to befriend any animal.

Fortnite Wildlife Locations
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How to find and tame Frogs in Fortnite

Next, we have Frogs. These googly-eyed creatures can be found randomly at most places on the map, but they are usually found near water and wetlands. Slurpy Swamp is a great place to find a Frog.

Like Chickens, Frogs are pacifists. Players are at no risk of being attacked by a Frog.

Frogs will hop away from players when approached unless a Hunter’s Cloak is equipped.

Frogs don’t offer a whole lot to players, but they will drop a Stink Sac when eliminated. Stink Sacs can be used to craft a Primal Stink Bow. This bow works like the vaulted Stink Bombs.

Fortnite Wildlife Locations
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How to find and tame Cuddle Fish in Fortnite

Cuddle Fish are a new form of aquatic wildlife introduced in Season 6. Inspired by the cuttlefish of the real world, Cuddle Fish are more than just another Flopper players eat for health. Cuddle Fish can be used as an offensive weapon.

Cuddle Fish can be found in any body of water across the Fortnite island. Rivers, lakes, and oceans are all home to Cuddle Fish. 

There are six different forms of Cuddle Fish to discover. The different variations of Cuddle Fish players can encounter include:

  • Pink Cuddle Fish
  • Blue Cuddle Fish
  • Orange Cuddle Fish
  • Green Cuddle Fish
  • Red Cuddle Fish
  • Jelly Cuddle Fish (found exclusively in Slurpy Swamp)

When tossed at a surface or structure, Cuddle Fish stick to then like a proximity mine. Any player that walks too close will trigger an explosion that deals 35 damage per Cuddle Fish. Cuddle Fish can also be stuck directly to a player, generating a damage-dealing explosion shortly after impact. Additionally, Cuddle Fish can be shot to induce an early explosion. A stack of Cuddle Fish used in unison can create devastating results.

Fortnite Wildlife Locations
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How to find and tame Boars in Fortnite

The first-aggressive animal on this list, Boars is another form of wildlife introduced in Season 6. Like Chickens, Boars spawn near farmland. At Colossal Crops, there’s a pen with a guaranteed spawn of Boars.

Boars will charge at players upon detection, dealing a minor amount of damage per hit. The Boar will retreat after each attack and wind up for another charge.

It’s possible to tame a Boar, turning it friendly. Tamed Boars will follow their owners around and fight for them.

Boars run on a diet of fruits and vegetables. Players will need to tempt the Boar with one or the other if they hope to tame it. Apples, Bananas, Cabbages, Corn, and any fruit or vegetable will do. Toss the chosen item toward the Boar and watch its interest peak. While the Boar is distracted, interact with it to tame it. Now, the Boar is your ally.

Players with more of a hunter mentality can eliminate a Boar to receive two Animal Bones and one piece of Meat. These resources are used to create a plethora of items under Fortnite’s new Crafting System.

Fortnite How To Tame Animals
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That’s it for animals and wildlife in Chapter 2 - Season 6. This is the full list for the time being, but rumour has it; that more creatures like Dinosaurs may be on the horizon.

It's time to unleash your primal instinct and become one with the animals and wildlife of Fortnite.

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