All Fortnite Icon Series Skins

All Fortnite Icon Series Skins
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29th Jul 2021 14:14

The Fortnite Icon Series is a set of skins inspired by and resembling the likeness of real people. Within the Icon Series are subseries of Fortnite skins — creators, artists, and athletes. These outfits are modelled after individuals that have played a key role in Fortnite’s growth and history. Thousands of famous humans have played Fortnite through the years, but only a select few have an in-game skin to show for it. These are the Fortnite Icon Series skins.

Fortnite Icon Series Creator: Tyler “Ninja” Blevins

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Appropriately, Ninja was the very first Creator Icon skin. Ninja deserved this moment more than anyone, as he served as the face of Fortnite throughout its early years. Ninja and Fortnite go hand-in-hand, and we’re sure he was Epic Games’ obvious choice for the first Creator Icon skin.

Along with the skin, Ninja’s Creator Icon bundle includes dual katanas as a Pickaxe, sheathed katanas as a Back Bling, and Ninja’s signature Pon Pon dance as an Emote. Additionally, the Ninja skin comes with multiple style options.

Fortnite Icon Series Creator: Kathleen “Loserfruit” Belsten

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After Ninja, Australian streamer Loserfruit was the next Fortnite creator to get an Icon skin. Up until recently, Loserfruit was the only female Fornite content creator with a signature skin.

Loserfruit’s Icon skin is based on an outfit she wore to the Australian Open Summer Smash 2020 Fortnite tournament. Obviously, Loserfruit knew she was getting an in-game skin in her likeness before anyone else. Unbeknownst to all in attendance, Loserfruit secretly dressed up as her Fortnite skin and attended the Australian Open event to tease the future collaboration.

Loserfruit’s skin is accompanied by a selection of fruit-themed cosmetics that includes the Buddy Bag Back Bling, Fruit Punchers Pickaxe, and Bounce Berry Emote.

Fortnite Icon Series Creator: Lannan “LazarBeam” Eacott

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After committing years to the Fortnite grind and becoming one of the game's most popular content creators, Australian native LazarBeam joined a select group of players to receive their own in-game Fortnite skin.

The outfit worn by LazarBeam’s skin resembles that of a construction worker, an ode to LazarBeam’s content career beginnings. Before he moved on to video games, LazarBeam used to create slow-motion demolition videos while working in his family's construction business.

The complete LazarBeam bundle comes with the Ol’ Mate Sledgy Pickaxe, Lunch Break Emote, and the Baby Gingy Back Bling.

Fortnite Icon Series Creator: David “The Grefg” Cánovas

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Fortnite is a worldwide sensation, so it's important that the game provides representation for non-English speakers. Epic Games solidified this notion when they turned Spanish Fortnite streamer, The Grefg, into an in-game skin. The Grefg was the first Creator Icon skin based on a non-English speaker.

Ninja may be the face of Fortnite, but it’s The Grefg who lays claim to the record of not only most concurrent viewers on a Fortnite stream, but most concurrent viewers on an individual Twitch stream in general. While revealing his Fortnite skin to the world, The Grefg pulled in an insane 2.4M peak concurrent viewers. This absolutely smashed the previous record of 616K concurrent viewers held by Ninja.

The Grefg’s Fortnite skin is accented in yellow and red, a tribute to his Spanish nationality and his love for the Dragon Ball series. The Grefg skin comes with a variety of style options and a cosmetic bundle that includes the Balls of Power Back Bling, Staff off Control Pickaxe, and Controller Crew Rmote. The controller-themed cosmetics pay homage to The Grefg’s preferred input device.

Fortnite Icon Series Creator: Lachlan “Lachlan” Power

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With Lachlan’s addition to the Creator Icon Series, nearly half of the current Creator Icons are Australian. Lachlan is one of the few content creators out there whose online alias matches their real name. Lachlan is known for his Fortnite challenges, fashion shows, and hide and seek games.

Lachlan’s skin has him decked out in PWR clothing, Lachlan’s personal apparel brand. His outfit is white and black in colour with small hints of yellow. The Lachlan Bundle includes the PWR Pack Back Bling, PWR Slashers Pickaxe, and the PWR Punch Emote.

Fortnite Icon Series Creator: Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf

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Bugha rose to Fortnite stardom when he took first place in the 2019 Fortnite World Cup. The 18-year-old American pro was awarded $3M for his efforts and is now immortalized in Fortnite history with his very own in-game skin.

Bugha’s skin comes with a couple of Selectable Styles, including a World Champion variant showcasing Bugha in the outfit he wore following his Fortnite World Cup victory. Bugha’s Back Bling is the Fortnite World Cup trophy with his dog, Zoe the pug, inside the cup. Bugha’s Bundle also comes with the Bugha Blades Pickaxe and the Bring it Around Emote.

Fortnite Icon Series Creator: Maria "ChicaLive" Lopez

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Puerto Rican-born ChicaLive is the most recent addition to the Fortnite Icon Series. ChicaLive has been loyal to Fortnite since the early days, even participating in KEEMSTAR's Friday Fortnite tournaments. 

ChicaLive prides herself on her identity as a Latina and member of the LGBTQIA+ community. ChicaLive's in-game skin features a few different Selectable Styles and accessories that depict her signature flair.

Fortnite Icon Series Artist: Marshmello, Marsha, And MARSHINOBI

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American electronic music producer and DJ, Marshmello, first appeared in Fortnite back in 2019 when he headlined the Showtime Live Event. Now, Marshmello has all sorts of personalised Fortnite skins.

Fortnite Icon Series Artist: Major Lazer

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An oft-forgotten member of the Icon Series, Major Lazer joined Fortnite back in Chapter 1. Despite first impressions, Major Lazer isn't an individual, but an electronic dance music DJ trio from Kingston, Jamaica. The Outfit depicts a Jamaican superhero that represents Major Lazer's persona.

Fortnite Icon Series Artist: Travis Scott And Astro Jack

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Notorious American rapper and singer, Travis Scott, broke Fortnite records with the Fortnite Astronomical concert. In celebration of the event, Epic Games etched Travis Scott into Fortnite history by granting him his very own Icon Series skin and another in his Astro Jack alias.

Due to the unfortunate tragedy at the 2021 Astroworld Festival, it's unlikely that either of the Travis Scott Outfits will return to the Item Shop anytime soon. For that reason, Travis Scott's Icon Series skins may go down as some of the Fortnite rarest skins.

Fortnite Icon Series Artist: Ariana Grande And Spacefarer Ariana Grande

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Ariana Grande's Fortnite Rift Tour was one of the most well-received Live Events in Fortnite history. Throughout the event and periodically after, fans of the award-winning American singer, songwriter, and actress were able to purchase a couple of different Fortnite skins in her likeness.

Fortnite Icon Series Artist: J Balvin

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Colombian singer, J Balvin, is one of the best-selling Latin music artists in the world. J Balvin's flamboyant character is represented in his Fortnite skin and is the perfect addition to the Icon Series.

Fortnite Icon Series Artist: Bruno Mars And Anderson .Paak

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The Silk Sonic duo of Fortnite Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak are two of the more recent additions to the Icon Series. These two never actually performed in Fortnite, but their clout earned them some skins regardless.

Fortnite Icon Series Athlete: Harry Kane

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English Footballer, Harry Kane, joins a star-studded cast of Football players to have their likeness transformed into Fortnite Icon Series skins.

Fortnite Icon Series Athlete: Neymar Jr.

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Brazilian pro Footballer, Neymar Jr., was the first member of the Icon Series to have their Outfit featured in a Battle Pass. Neymar Jr. was actually the Secret Skin of the Chapter 2 Season 6 Battle Pass. With that said, Neymar Jr. is one of the few Icon Series Outfits that is no longer obtainable.

Fortnite Icon Series Athlete: Marco Reus

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Continuing with the Fortnite Footballers, German professional, Marco Reus, is part of the Fortnite X UEFA Euro 2020 collaboration. The Kane & Reus Bundle packs both the Harry Kane and Marco Reus Icon Series skins together at a discounted price.

Fortnite Icon Series Athlete: LeBron James And Tune Squad LeBron

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Superstar Basketball phenom, LeBron James, joined the Icon Series with a couple of unique skins. Fans of King James can rock a more traditional LeBron James Outfit or his Tune Squad variant inspired by the 2021 film Space Jam: A New Legacy.

Fortnite Icon Series Athlete: Naomi Osaka

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Japanese Tennis player, Naomi Osaka, is taking the sporting world by storm. Known for her accomplishments on the court and her activism off of it, Naomi Osaka has a resume more than worthy of a Fortnite Icon Series Outfit.

Fortnite Icon Series Athlete: Chloe Kim

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American gold medalist snowboarder, Chloe Kim, joined the Icon Series at a mere 21 years old. Boasting so much success in her profession at such a young age, Chloe Kim represents what the Fortnite Icon Series is all about.

Forgotten Icons Or More To Come?

As of now, these are the only individuals to receive a Fortnite Icon Series skin. It must have been extremely difficult for Epic Games to narrow down and choose which select creators, artists, and athletes to turn into in-game skins. After all, Fortnite is loaded with amazing personalities and talent that have had a major impact on the game. 

There are definitely some additional creators out there deserving of membership in this exclusive group. Streamers and creators such as Tfue, DrLupo, TimTheTatMan, Courage, and numerous others are more than worthy of joining the Creator Icon series

Thankfully, it doesn’t look like Fortnite is going away anytime soon. There’s still plenty of time for new Icons to enter the game. The only question is, who’s next?


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