All the Notorius Mark Hunting spots in Final Fantasy 16

All the Notorius Mark Hunting spots in Final Fantasy 16
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If you're looking for all of the Hunt locations in Final Fantasy 16 then you're definitely in the right place, as we've got a full list of every available in Notorious Mark found on the Hunt Board.

Many players are delighted to see Hunts appear once again in a Final Fantasy game, as they bring challenging fights across the board, alongside the return of some familiar faces.

However, they can also prove very difficult to actually locate, as the Hunt Board in the game provides just a small hint about their location and lets you figure out the rest.

Thankfully we've got a full list of all the Hunt locations in this guide below, so make sure to keep reading to find out more about the Hunt Board in Final Fantasy 16.

SPOILER WARNING: This guide may contain story spoilers, so be sure to proceed at your own risk to ensure details in the game remain a surprise.

Where are all the Notrius Marks in Final Fantasy 16?

Check out the tables below to see all of the Hunt locations in Final Fantasy 16, including their corresponding ranks:

Hunt Location
Ahriman (C) Southeast Sorrowise, near Martha's Rest
The Angel of Death / Aruna (C) Central Claireview, near Northreach
Belphegor (B) Southern section of The Hilt, near Eastpool
Dozmare (B) Caer Norvent River Gate, south of Lostwing
Sekhret (B) Northwest section of Greensheaves, west of Rhiannon's Ride
Severian (B) North Sorrowise, near Martha's Rest
Muddy Murder / Flan Prince(A) North Hawk's Cry Cliff in Rosaria
A Hill to Die On / Fastitocalon (B) Northeast Velkroy Desert, near The Bandit's Bed
Soul Stingers (C) Southeast of the Fields of Carava, near Dravozd and the Empty Hovel
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Hunt Location
Grimalkin (C) Cattery, northeast of The Jaw, southeast of The Dalimil Inn
The Nine of Knives (A) Just north of The Jaw Obelisk
The Breaker of Worlds / Atlas (S) Eastern Cressida, southeast of Eastpool
Bomb King (B) The Crock, southeast of The Dragon's Aery in Sanbreque
The Ten of Clubs (B) Southeast of the Fields of Carava, near Dravozd
The Mageth Brothers (A) In Quietsands near Port Isolde
Ruin Reawakened / Svarog (S) South of Montbrume, southeast of Caer Norvent Glorieuse Gate
The Pack (C) The Gilded Path, near Tabor
Dread Comet (A) In the Sickle near The Jaw
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Hunt Location
Carrot (B) The Whispering Waters, in Three Reeds
Pandemonium (S) Western section of Skaithfarr, northwest of The Shadow Coast
The Tricephalic Terror / Gorgimera (S) Southwest section of The Velkroy Desert
Gobermouch (A) Western section of Eistla
Bygul (A) In Kritten Hollow near Ravenwit Talls
Agni (A) Southern section of Halfcombe near The Edge of Infinity
Usher to the Underworld / Thanatos (A) Titan's Wake, within The Gilded Path
The Blood Moon / Terminus (A) The Crock, southeast of The Dragon's Aery in Sanbreque - same location as the Bomb King
The Man in Black / Holy Trumpitour (B) At the end of the Cellar Passage in Lostwing
Hunt Location
Kuza Beast (A) In Balmung Dark, near Ravenwit Falls
The Grim Reaper / Prince of Death (A) Southwestern section of Royal Meadows, northwest of Northreach
The Wailing Banchee / Gizamaluk (A) Western section of Vidargraes
Knight of the Splendent Heart (A) Northern section of Royal Meadows, north of Northreach 
The Masterless Marauder (S) Northern section of Vidargraes

As you can see, there are 32 hunts in total to tackle in the game, with each one offering a new challenge and bringing forward exciting rewards for you to claim. If you're looking for more detailed information for any of the specific Notorious Marks, however, make sure to click on the corresponding link in the table above to see our dedicated individual Hunt guides.

How to get the Hunt Board in Final Fantasy 16

Image of the Hunt Board in the Hideaway of Final Fantasy 16
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The Hunt Board in Final Fantasy 16 is accessible after completing the first part of The Gathering Storm main quest in the third act of the game. This requires you to move to the second Hideaway location and progress through a few of the introductory main quests there.

Alongside the Hunt Board, two additional facilities will become available in the Hideaway, including The Patron's Whisper where you can claim your renown rewards and the Allant Reports which you might remember from the original Hideaway location.

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Where is the Hunt Board found in Final Fantasy 16?

Image of the Hunt Board map location in Final Fantasy 16
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The Hunt Board in Final Fantasy 16 is located within The Mess of Hideaway, which is to the west of The Lift and south of Clive's Chambers. There should be a Moogle by the name of Nektar stood by the board - who you might recognize from a previous encounter in the former Hideaway.

Speak to Nektar to learn more about the Hunt Board and to see all of the active and completed Hunts in the game at your current point in the story. You can access the Hunt Board and go on expeditions at pretty much any point during the story after this, so tackle them at your own convenience.

How do Hunts work in Final Fantasy 16?

Image of hunts in Final Fantasy 16
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Hunts in Final Fantasy 16 are special bosses otherwise known as Notorious Marks, that are scattered throughout Valisthea for you to complete. Hunts do not work in the same way as quests, and all of the information you have is found on the Hunt Board itself. This means that you will have to find the Notorious Mark yourself based on the location information in the description, which can be quite challenging.

Furthermore, each Hunt has a lettered rating indicating its difficulty, so you can go for the big ones straight away, or start with the lesser options to get warmed up. You will earn more hunts as you progress through the game, and you can complete them in any order too.

You will earn a significant chunk of gold and increase your renown when you complete each hunt, so it is very much worth completing. Furthermore, they are great ways to earn XP quickly in Final Fantasy 16, as their status as bosses will give you a large amount after each fight.

So, that wraps up all of the Hunt locations in Final Fantasy 16, with all of the information you'll need if you were confused about the Hunt Board in the game too.

Check out all of our other Final Fantasy guides on our dedicated game page if you're wanting to learn more about the latest entry.

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