These are the best weapons for all characters in FF7 Rebirth & how to find them

These are the best weapons for all characters in FF7 Rebirth & how to find them
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8th Mar 2024 16:40

After you've mastered all of the proficiencies, you'll want to make sure that you're using every character's best weapon in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth - as that could make the difference between a successful fight and a game over.

Unlike most other titles, the best weapons aren't necessarily those that are found near the endgame, as each weapon you pick up has different stats across standard and magic attack values, alongside a range of different Materia slots.

Oftentimes the ideal choice in-game is the one that does the most damage, of course, but you'll typically find that there's more to things than meets the eye.

Best weapon for every character

Character Weapon
Cloud Igneous Saber
Tifa Kaiser Knuckles
Yuffie Crescent Sickle
Red XIII Brisingamen
Cait Sith Resounding Megaphone
Barret Battle Cry
Aerith Ceremonial Staff

While most of these are found towards the late game - with two located in the penultimate chapter - you'll still have plenty of time to use them and you can use the period beforehand to ensure that you've mastered all of the proficiencies and raised your weapon level.

Image of Aerith's Ceremonial Staff weapon in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth
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Most of these are concretely their character's best weapon due to their combination of damage and Materia slots. Perhaps the only contentious choice is Aerith's Ceremonial Staff, as while it does deal the highest magic attack, it leaves you with very few Materia slots. I didn't find this a huge problem with how I played Aerith - but it very much depends on your build and playstyle.

Additionally, you can also use Materia like ATK <=> MATK to create surprising new options that you wouldn't otherwise see. One of Tifa's weapons, for example, could have high MATK but low ATK, so using this Materia would be super strong if you exclusively do physical attacks with her.

Where to find each character's best weapon

Cloud - Igneous Saber

Image showing the location of Cloud's Igneous Saber in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth
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This weapon is found in Chapter 11 in the first section when you're climbing up the mountain as Cloud, Tifa, and Yuffie. Just after the fight with two Screamers, climb up the cliff to the left and the chest with the weapon inside should be there.

Tifa - Kaiser Knuckles

Image showing the location of Tifa's Kaiser Knuckles in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth
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You'll find the Kaiser Knuckles in Chapter 5 upon the Shinra-8. When the ship has been taken over by creatures, you'll reach a section where you're playing with Tifa and fighting Necrotic Entities. Just before you head up a red flight of stairs there should be some breakable boxes to the left, and next to them is the chest with the weapon inside.

I somehow missed this on my playthrough despite staring right at it -  but thankfully you can just head to the Arms Dealer in Costa del Sol to pick it up instead.

Yuffie - Crescent Sickle

Image showing the location of Yuffie's Crescent Sickle in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth
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This one requires a bit of dexterity, as you must get a perfect score in Chapter 10's first Glide de Chocobo challenge to pick up the Crescent Sickle. This is marked on your map as a side quest once you reach the Cosmo Canyon Chocobo ranch - but if you're struggling to find a bird to fly then make sure to check out where to find every Chocobo in the game.

Red XIII - Brisingamen

Image showing the location of Red XIII's Brisingamen in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth
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This one is right at the end of the game in Chapter 13. After completing the Reno and Rude boss fight as Cloud's party you'll have to collect the Lifestream again as Aerith. Once you reach the large fragment that gets corrupted, head to the left route, come back around, and then drop down from a ledge to the west of the bench to find a chest with the weapon inside.

Cait Sith - Resounding Megaphone

Image showing the location of Cait Sith's Resounding Megaphone in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth
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This one is super simple, but somehow I managed to miss it initially on my playthrough! Just ahead of the phone box on Gongaga Airstrip at the end of Chapter 9, there will be a stack of pallets with a chest right next to them.

If, like me, you're past this - you can always head back there if you've got fast travel, or go to the General Store in Nibelheim to buy the weapon instead.

Barret - Battle Cry

Image showing the location of Barret's Battle Cry in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth
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Another one in Chapter 13 is Barret's Battle Cry weapon. When the main scenario 'Crossing the Rapids' pops up, requiring you to find a way to get over a broken bridge, head into the room to the right of the bridge and the weapon will be inside in a chest.

Aerith - Ceremonial Staff

Image showing the location of Aerith's Ceremonial Staff in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth
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Last but certainly not least is Aerith, and her weapon is perhaps the easiest to find of the lot. When you step off the boat upon arriving at the Village of the Gi in Chapter 10 there should be a bench that you can rest at straight ahead. Next to the bench will be a chest, which houses the Ceremonial Staff.

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Now that you've got all of the best weapons, make sure that you understand how weapon upgrades work, how to get every Ferris Wheel date, and the best party combinations to use across your journey.

You can also head over to our Final Fantasy homepage for more guides, as we've got you covered with everything you'll need when playing Rebirth.

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