Where to find Tonberry King Crown in FF7 Rebirth & how to beat the boss

Where to find Tonberry King Crown in FF7 Rebirth & how to beat the boss
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Getting the Tonberry King's Crown in FF7 Rebirth can be tricky if you want to complete the Final Fantasy game's 'The Saga of Seaside Inn' quest. After all, once you're given the mission in Chapter 7, it seems like you can't go where you need to complete it.

Thankfully, this guide will tell you exactly what you need to do in the game to get your hands on that crown.

Tonberry King location FF7 Rebirth

You'll be able to go after the Tonberry King Crown from Chapter 9 of FF7 Rebirth in the south area of the Corel Region, with its exact location shown in the map image below showing the 'Classified Intel: Heavy Lies the Crown' World Intel marker. 

Tonberry King Crown location in FF7 Rebirth Corel Region
Click to enlarge

The reason you aren't able to complete this quest until two chapters after it becomes available is that you can't openly explore Corel in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth until Chapter 9, once you unlock the Buggy Vehicle. 

However, to get the Tonberry King's exact location from that point, you'll still need to find all six Lifespring Locations in Corel before Chadley adds it to your map.

Head to the marked area, hold the Triangle button the start the encounter, and the Tonberry King will show up to start the battle for its crown. 

How to beat the Tonberry King in FF7 Rebirth

Just because you've found the Tonberry King doesn't mean you can waltz in and grab its crown with no challenge - like other Tonberries, this boss is especially brutal.

Along with having no elemental weaknesses, the Tonberry King can easily one-hit-kill you. The best way to beat the Tonberry King in Final Fantasy 7 is simply by continuously dodging and attacking from behind to avoid getting hit.

The Tonberry King boss fight to get the Pristine Crown in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth
Click to enlarge

As the Tonberry King also lets off an AoE (Area of Effect) attack, you'll need to step back and use ranged abilities or spells to inflict extra damage from a distance when this happens.

Getting the Pristine Crown instead of Marred Crown

You'll get the Marred Crown simply by killing the Tonberry King, but if you want the Pristine Crown - which Johnny prefers - you'll need to follow these steps before and during the battle:

  • Equip a Steal Materia
  • Continuously dodge Tonberry King's moves and attack to build Pressure
  • Once 'Pressured', the Tonberry King will drop the Pristine Crown
  • Use the 'Steal' ability to steal the Pristine Crown


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