All greens locations in FF7 Rebirth to feed Piko

All greens locations in FF7 Rebirth to feed Piko
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Although you'll only need three greens in FF7 Rebirth to feed Piko for the 'Gearing up for the Race' quest, you'll want to find all six locations in the game to get your hands on some exquisite Chocobo gear to boot.

Getting some of the greens in this fun quest can take a big amount of time, but will ultimately be worth the effort - and I've listed all of the locations below to avoid you running around like a headless chicken.

Corel Prison green locations in FF7 Rebirth

  • Swindling Seminar (southeast)
  • Stalker Thugs (mid-central)
  • Bail Jumper Bartender (upper-left)
  • Beast Battleground (south)
  • Queen's Blood Players (central)
  • Desert Rush (north)

Location #1 - Swindling Seminar

The first of the green locations in FF7 Rebirth is one of the most interesting in my opinion; head to the southeast section of Corel Prison and speak to Conniving Caglio, who's speaking to a crowd of people as part of his swindling seminar.

One of the FF7 Rebirth greens locations for the swindling seminar sub-quest
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To get the green, in the following mini-quest, you'll then need to speak to the five certain people, hear their statements, and answer who's been telling the truth. 

The right answer to the swindling seminar in FF7 Rebirth's little riddle here is that there is no fixed answer; the statements of each person are essentially random and change each time, so the truthteller can be any of the five

So, you'll have to follow up on every one of the five statements and check the area to see if each is telling the truth or not. If you guess wrong, the statements of the five can change and you'll have to start again. Make sure to check your answers thoroughly too, as each guess will cost you 500 gil, regardless of whether you're right or wrong.

Correctly guess and the first green will be yours.

Location #2 - Stalker thugs

Near the mid-central part of Corel Prison will be the next spot you need to go - with the green in the hands of three thugs standing by some Queensblood players. 

After heading right, walking into the house that follows, and squeezing through the gap, you can brawl with the three and obtain your second green in return. 

Location #3 - Bail Jumper Bartender

For the third green in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, go to the Bail Jumper in the upper-left of Corel Prison and speak to the bartender to take on their subquest, 'The Bartender's Untended Garden'.

One of the FF7 Rebirth greens locations at Bail Jumper
Click to enlarge

To succeed and get the green, you'll need to go after a Cactaur in Corel Prison's northern section.

I found this to be the hardest of the five due to a barrage of Cactuars at the end. Just make sure to keep moving when fighting them and hope that their needles don't repeatedly send you back to the endgame screen like they did for me!

Location #4 - Beast Battleground

Go to the south section of Corel Prison, head down the ladder to the Beast Battleground arena, and take on the namesake sub-quest.

One of the Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth greens locations at the Beast Battleground
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You'll complete the sub-quest and earn your green to feed Piko once you beat the first three combat challenges. These are Sylkis Cup Round 1: Field of Nightmares, Sylkis Cup Round 2: Portent of Ruin, and Sylkis Cup Round 3: Unknown Error.

Location #5 - Queen's Blood Players

Located at the House of Cards is a sub-quest to get you the last of the Corel Prison greens - where you'll need to take on a trio of Queen's Blood players. 

House of Cards greens location in FF7 Rebirth
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The Card Collector will task you with defeating the three as they've been scaring off his clientele. After starting the 'Peculiar Card Players' sub-quest, the trio can be spotted on your map.

Using the best Queen's Blood cards and decks will help massively with this, and I managed to beat all three without having to retry. They can be quite challenging if you haven't picked up any of the cards from the Gold Saucer though, but can still be felled with the right strategy.

Go and defeat each player, turn back, and the Card Collector will give you the greens.

Location #6 - Desert Rush

Desert Rush is located to the west of Solemnitude Manor and near the Chocobo Stable, and is a minigame that'll reward you with the final Greens for Piko.

I found this to be one of the hardest of the bunch, as it required a fair amount of planning and practice to master the minigame. I'd recommend having a route planned out after a few practice runs, as otherwise you'll waste time running around looking for the next set of boxes to break.

One of the Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth greens locations at Desert Rush
Click to enlarge

You'll need to get at least 15,000 points in order to get the Greens, which while not the top prize, is still quite challenging to reach.

Spend remaining greens on Gi Chocobo Gear

Since you only need three of the six greens to feed and restore Piko, you can trade Esther the rest of them for the Gi Chocobo Gear set

Not only does this set have decent stats in general, but if you've not been getting Chocobo Gear in general at all up until now, it'll come in extra handy for the race you'll soon have as part of the story.

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