What is the best build in Final Fantasy 16? Best abilities & Eikon combinations in FF16

What is the best build in Final Fantasy 16? Best abilities & Eikon combinations in FF16
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Having the best build in Final Fantasy 16 is essential if you're wanting to take on all of the toughest bosses, as the best abilities and Eikon combinations will let you dominate any fight - especially as you head into New Game Plus.

Clive has a wide range of exciting and powerful skills in Final Fantasy 16, but it can sometimes be tough to separate the best from the rest. While most of the abilities are definitely worth using in the game, there are a few that stand out as the ideal choices, which we have listed below for you.

So, make sure to get equipped with our picks for the best abilities in Final Fantasy 16, as we've got everything you'll need to obtain the best build in-game right here.

SPOILER WARNING: Some of the abilities listed below might be considered a spoiler, as obtain them later on in the game. Proceed with caution if you want to avoid any story spoilers.

What are the best abilities in Final Fantasy 16?

Image of the Rising Flames ability in Final Fantasy 16
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Check out the table below to see our picks for the best abilities in Final Fantasy 16, as we've got a complete list of the skills that you'll want to consider. Of course, you won't be able to equip them all at any one time, but that's where our tips for the best combinations will come in handy later on.

Ability Eikon
Rising Flames Phoenix
Aerial Blast Garuda
Gouge Garuda
Judgement Bolt Ramuh
Thunderstorm Ramuh
Raging Fists Titan
Windup Titan
Impule Bahamut
Wings of Light Bahamut

Image of one of Titan's Eikonic abilities in Final Fantasy 16
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Ability Eikon
Gigaflare Bahamut
Dancing Steel Odin
Gungnir Odin
Arm of Darkness (Zantetsuken) Odin

As you can see, there are some excellent options if you're gunning for the best build in Final Fantasy 16. While many of the best abilities in FF16 don't arrive until you're in the last stretch of the game, there are still some really excellent options early on - two of which we kept in our build for the entire game.

  • Make sure to check out our FF16 AP farming guide if you're short on ability points and need to buy any of the skills listed above.

Best ability combinations in Final Fantasy 16

Image of the best ability combination in Final Fantasy 16
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As you can only equip three base abilities and six standard abilities at any one time, figuring out what the best ability combinations in Final Fantasy 16 are can be quite difficult.

Thankfully we've got a great selection in the table below, so make sure to try it out yourself if you're wanting the best abilities in the game. We have included late-game abilities in our main selection, but we've got an additional table below if you're still in the earlier parts of the game.

Base Ability Standard Abilities
Phoenix Shift Rising Flames, Heatwave
Wings of Light Gigaflare, Impulse
Arm of Darkness Dancing Steel, Gungnir

For our picks for the best ability combinations in Final Fantasy 16, you don't actually need to have any ability mastery upgrades, as each skill is within its own base Eikonic ability. You could perhaps swap out something like Heatwave for Judgement Bolt, or Aerial Blast, but the availability of our pick edges it out when you have a lot of other long-cooldown skills.

Best early ability combinations in Final Fantasy 16

Image of Clive using the Deadly Embrace ability on Chirada in Final Fantasy 16
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If you're not quite at the end of the game yet, we have also got a great set of early abilities for you in the table below. We have considered the abilities up until the second time skip, so you've still got lots of the best abilities in Final Fantasy 16 to choose from:

Base Ability Standard Abilities
Phoenix Shift Rising Flames, Heatwave
Deadly Embrace Gouge, Aerial Blast
Blind Justice Thunderstorm, Judgement Bolt

Once you pick up the next set of Eikonic abilities we recommend swapping Gouge for Raging Fists, and then replacing Blind Justice with Titanic Block and Thunderstorm with Windup within that group.

So, that should give you everything you need to know if you were wondering what the best abilities to use in Final Fantasy 16 are, as we've got you set up with the best combinations too.

Make sure that you don't miss any of our other Final Fantasy content by checking out our dedicated game page for the latest news and guides.

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