FF16 AP farming: How to farm Ability Points fast in Final Fantasy 16

FF16 AP farming: How to farm Ability Points fast in Final Fantasy 16
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24th Jun 2023 14:43

To unlock new abilities as fast as possible in Final Fantasy 16, AP farming is essential - though not everyone knows where to go to farm Ability Points. So, let's get into the location and method for quickly AP farming in FF16

FF16 AP farming: How to farm Ability Points in Final Fantasy 16

FF16 AP farming by hunting a Bluebird in Final Fantasy 16 for its high Ability Points
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The fastest FF16 AP farming method is by hunting Bluebirds, worth a whopping 40 Ability Points each in Final Fantasy 16. That's one of the highest yields of AP amongst weaker enemies in the game - compared to those such as the Wild Chocobo providing only 8AP per kill, or the Vulture enemy with 4AP. 

What's more, you can boost your FF16 AP farming even further by equipping the Wages of Warcraft accessory - increasing your Ability Points earned in normal combat encounters by 20%. So, AP farming via this method will earn you 48 Ability Points for every defeated Bluebird in Final Fantasy 16

How do I hunt Bluebirds to farm AP in Final Fantasy 16?

Fast Travelling to the Royal Meadows Obelisk in Final Fantasy 16 to farm for AP
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In order to quickly farm AP in Final Fantasy 16 by hunting the Bluebird, you just need to follow these simple steps: 

  • Buy Wages of Warcraft from Charon's Toll after Chapter 23, Cid the Outlaw.
  • Switch to Story Focused Mode - speeding up each encounter.
  • Equip Wages of Warcraft
  • Fast travel to the Royal Meadows Obelisk
  • From the Royal Meadows Obelisk to Northreach, find and defeat the three Bluebirds plus their accompanying Wild Chocobos. 
  • Fast travel back to the Royal Meadows Obelisk
  • Each Bluebird and other enemies will then respawn, so repeat the previous two steps until satisfied. 

You can also find farm AP by killing the Bluebirds in Sorrowise near the Martha's Rest Obelisk. However, as well as each Bluebird being more spread out, reaching them from Martha's Rest requires more time travelling - making the AP grinding process far slower. 

With that, you're now ready for FF16 AP farming thanks to our guide on how to farm Ability Points in Final Fantasy 16 fast. 

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