What is renown & how to earn & use it in Final Fantasy 16

What is renown & how to earn & use it in Final Fantasy 16
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As an outlawed hero in Final Fantasy 16, your job is to do good deeds throughout the realm of Valisthea, and thus increase your renown and standing within the world. Thankfully, this is rewarded with more than just praise, as the renown that you earn can be exchanged for some of the most helpful gifts in the game after reaching a certain point in the main story.

So, read the rest of this guide below to find out more about renown in Final Fantasy 16, including details regarding how to earn and use it, alongside all of the eligible rewards.

SPOILER WARNING: This guide may contain story spoilers, so be sure to proceed at your own risk to ensure details in the game remain a surprise.

What is the green currency in the game?

The green currency that you will suddenly start getting at around the halfway point in Final Fantasy 16 is Renown. This is a new currency that is not spent and instead is cumulatively earned, giving you the opportunity to claim strong and exciting rewards the more that you pick up.

Image of the green currency Renown in Final Fantasy 16
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There is unfortunately no way to view how much Renown you have outside of when you earn it through Hunts and quests, or when you have the opportunity to spend it at The Patron's Whisper. It is also quite confusing as you start earning it before you can do anything with it, leading many players to rightfully wonder what it actually is.

How to earn renown

The main way that you will earn renown in Final Fantasy 16 is by defeating notorious marks found on the Hunt Board. These will give you between 10-60 each time depending on their difficulty rank, so they are very much worth investing your time in.

Outside of the notorious marks, you can also gain renown for completing some quests. Most main story quests found after unlocking The Patron's Whisper will give you some renown, and most side quests after that point will offer the currency out too as a reward.

Image showing you how to earn renown in Final Fantasy 16
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If you aren't sure what renown looks like, it is the green diamond icon that houses a four-pointed gold star in the middle. It has emerged as quite a confusing feature for lots of players, as the game starts giving you renown about halfway through the game without any prior explanation of what it is.

How to use renown

Renown in Final Fantasy 16 is used by speaking to Desiree at The Patron's Whisper in Hideaway. This can be found to the left of the Hunt Board in The Mess, which is to the west of The Lift, and where key players like Otto and Vivian reside.

When speaking to Desiree, select the 'Listen to the Patron's Whisper' option, and a list of donations should appear on the screen. These do not operate like a shop where you exchange your renown for an item, and instead are like goals that you need to raise your renown to meet.

Image showing you how to use renown in Final Fantasy 16
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Your renown is not consumed when you accept a donation from The Patron's Whisper, so make sure to claim any that you are eligible for. While they start out fairly simple, you can get some really important items within these renown donations, so picking them all up is a must.

All Final Fantasy 16 renown donation rewards

Image of the renown donation rewards in Final Fantasy 16
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Here is a full list of every item that you can earn from the renown donation rewards in Final Fantasy 16:

Donation Reward Renown Required

20 Valley Madder, 20 Bloody Hide, 20 Steelsilk, 400 Ability Points

15 Renown

1 Meteorite

45 Renown

Berserker Ring

85 Renown

A Rose Is a Rose Orchestrion Roll, Empty Shard

135 Renown

Cleric's Medallion +1

205 Renown

Dire Wolf Jess

295 Renown

25 Briar Clam Shell, 15 Desert Rose, 800 Ability Points

410 Renown

2 Meteorite

550 Renown

High Cleric's Medallion

715 Renown

Image of Dion Lesage in Final Fantasy 16
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Donation Reward Renown Required
40 Sharp Fang, 30 Bloody Hide, 30 Steelsilk, 1,500 Ability Points 905 Renown
No Risk No Reward Orchestrion Roll, 1 Amber 1,120 Renown
Talisman of Priming 1,360 Renown
2,500 Ability Points, 20 Clutchmine, 50 Magicked Ash, 50 Wyrrite 1,635 Renown
Ring of the Swiftshot 1,965 Renown
Genji Gloves 2,365 Renown
Fallen Enigma, To Sail Forbidden Seas Orchestrion Roll, Careful Whisper Trophy 2,850 Renown

There are so many worthwhile items in here, so make sure to grind your Hunts and quests in order to pick them all up.

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