All LoL, TFT & Wild Rift Amazon Prime Gaming rewards & how to redeem (November 2023)

All LoL, TFT & Wild Rift Amazon Prime Gaming rewards & how to redeem (November 2023)
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If you're a fan of League of Legends, TFT or Wild Rift, you might want to grab these upcoming LoL, TFT and Wild Rift Amazon Prime Gaming rewards.

These rewards can be obtained at no additional cost if you have an Amazon Prime membership. You can get your hands on some nice items for each game on the Prime Gaming loot page. I always make sure to grab the LoL rewards every month as you can get some pretty awesome stuff like free RP and skins!

I've also included a section on how to redeem these Amazon Prime Gaming rewards, so keep reading to find out everything you need to know about unlocking them in-game.

All LoL Amazon Prime Gaming rewards

Briar from League of Legends.
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LoL players will be able to unlock the BRAUMW Emote from November 2nd onwards. But the best reward is easily the Prime Gaming Bundle, which becomes available on November 17th and includes the following:

  • 1 mystery skin permanent
  • 1 champion permanent
  • 350 Riot Points
  • 1 mystery ward skin
  • 1 30-day XP boost
  • 2 series 1 eternals shards
  • 200 orange essence

The best items here are probably the 350 Riot Points and the permanent mystery skin. Amazon has had these bundles going for a while now, and I've been able to get pretty cool skins like Coven Ahri and Mecha Malphite from mine. And if you save up over multiple months, you can spend all that RP on a Season Pass or a skin of your choice!

All TFT Amazon Prime Gaming rewards

A Piltover team from TFT.
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The latest TFT Prime Gaming rewards that you can grab this month are 120 Treasure Tokens.

Treasure Tokens can be used to "roll" for new Little Legends, and if you're really lucky you can find one of the fancy arenas or rare Chibis to use in-game. It takes 100 Treasure Tokens to get one Little Legend, so you'll be able to get one guaranteed.

All Wild Rift Amazon Prime rewards

Jinx from League of Legends Wild Rift
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Wild Rift also has some Amazon Prime Gaming rewards, and this month you can expect to find a Random Emote Chest from November 14th onwards.

The Random Emote Chest is pretty much exactly what it says on the tin. It'll unlock a random emote for you, so if that sounds like something you want, don't miss out when it arrives this month.

How to redeem Amazon Prime Gaming rewards

The loot page for League of Legends prime gaming rewards.
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To redeem these rewards, simply head over to the Amazon Prime Gaming homepage. From there, navigate to the bundle or item you want to redeem and click on it.

It should give you a full set of instructions on how to redeem the items from there. You'll need to link your Riot account to Amazon Prime in order to get these rewards in your game.

Once you've linked your account just click on "Get in-game content" and you should get those rewards delivered straight to your account!

That's it for our LoL, TFT and Wild Rift Amazon Prime rewards guide. For more on Riot's games, keep reading GGRecon. Or check out more Prime Gaming rewards for VALORANT.

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