All Infant milestones in The Sims 4 Growing Together & cheat mod

All Infant milestones in The Sims 4 Growing Together & cheat mod
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With The Sims 4's Growing Together Expansion Pack, Infant Milestones were added as a progression system for the life stage to see them achieve specific developmental goals before ageing up to a Toddler.

So whether you've just installed the game's pack and want a list of all the Milestones Infant Sims can get, or you simply wish to cheat your way through them in a flash by using a mod, I've covered all you'll need to know.

What are Infant Milestones in The Sims 4?

Milestones are essentially achievements and a progression system to see how an Infant is advancing, and how close they are to Toddlerhood. Although it isn’t necessary to complete all the Milestoness before ageing up your Infant, it can offer unique rewards and unlock more interactions for your Infant.

For example, you cannot try solid foods with your Infant for the first time in a highchair until they have learnt to sit up on their own. Likewise, Infants aren't able to play with toys on their own until they have learnt the 'reach' Milestones to reach for toys themselves.

Image of the lift head milestone having unlocked
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In this, the game uses Milestones as a learning mechanic and a way to chart your Infant's progress as they become more advanced and independent.

I love this feature, as it's a tangible way to see them develop over time - and it's also a way of pushing you to try certain interactions and features you may not otherwise use.

Infant Milestone types

Image of a Sim parent bathing their Infant in The Sims 4
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There are five types of Milestones, sorted into the following categories:

  • Fine Motor: These are basic movement Milestones that the Infant will receive when they master basic skills outside of wiggling on the playmat, such as reaching for toys
  • Firsts: These represent an Infant's first encounters with the world, including activities like their first bath and when your Sim family has people visit the home lot
  • Gross Motor: These are advanced motor skills that play a pivotal role in preparing Infants as they age up into Toddlerhood, like learning to sit and then stand. Motor skills can be progressed by playing 'Tummy Time' with your Infant on the playmat
  • Life: These are major life moments (like marriage and so on), but for Infants who have barely experienced life, the main life Milestones they will achieve is being born
  • Social: Just like in real life, it takes time for your Infant to learn to communicate. First, they coo, then babble, until they eventually learn to communicate more effectively to ask for their needs

Image of the Infant Milsetone panel
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List of all Infant Milestones in The Sims 4

Type Milestone
'Born' or 'Born At Hospital' This depends on the nature of your Infant's birth
Fine Motor Milestones Learned to Reach
Learned to Grab
Put Toe In Mouth
Learned To Wave
Learned To Clap
Learned Pincher Grasp
Firsts Milestones First Visitors
First Bath
First Bubble Bath
First Baby Food
Slept Through the Night
First Finger Food
First Diaper Blowout
Peed on Caregiver
Gross Motor Milestones Lifted Head
Rolled Over to Back
Rolled Over to Tummy
Learned to Creep
Learned to Sit Up
Pulled To Stand
Learned To Dance
Learned To Crawl
Social Milestones First Smiled
Learned to Coo
Learned to Laugh
Learned to Babble
Learned to Blow Kiss
Learned Peek-A-Boo

While some progression Milestones like 'Lifted Head' and 'First' Milestones can be discovered through gameplay, others like 'Peed on Caregiver' are seemingly randomly acquired as you interact with your Infants.

To see which Milestones your Infant has already achieved, click on the Simology panel (the head icon located at the bottom right of the screen) whilst your Infant is set as the active Sim. Then select 'View Milestones' for a list of everything you have unlocked.

Milestones Cheats mod explained

If you'd rather get Milestones straight away to establish background stories for existing Sims or achieve the slightly more difficult randomised ones, you may wish to use the Milestones Cheats mod by Lumpinou.

It's currently the only way that you can 'cheat' Milestones in-game, and adds the ability for Simmers to add, remove, or randomise them onto a Sim of any age, including Infants.

To download the mod, simply follow these steps:

  • Follow the link to Lumpinou's Patreon here
  • Once you've downloaded the link, go into your Mods folder
  • Copy the contents and paste them into Documents > Electronic Arts > Sims 4 > Mods
  • Load up The Sims 4 and enable custom content and mods by selecting the option to do so in the 'Game Options' screen of the game
  • Restart your game and the mods will be active

The Milestones mod shown in The Sims 4
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How to use the Milestones Cheats mod

To use the Milestones Cheats mod after it's installed, you simply need to click on the Sim you wish to add Milestones for, click 'Actions' and then the 'Manage Milestones' option

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