Unreal Engine 5 Venom Game Looks Incredible

Unreal Engine 5 Venom Game Looks Incredible
Images via TeaserPlay | Insomniac Games

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Tom Chapman


31st Oct 2022 15:35

As Insomniac Games continues to weave a web of superhero games, one fan has created their own concept for a Venom standalone. We know Tony Todd is voicing the sinister symbiote in Marvel's Spider-Man 2, but whether he'll appear beyond that remains unknown.

First released in 2018, Marvel's Spider-Man brought the wall-crawling hero to life in what's easily the best Spider-Man game - sorry Shattered Dimensions. Following the original and 2020's Miles Morales spin-off, we're getting another mainline game in 2023. 

What Is The Unreal Engine 5 Venom Game?

Known concept channel TeaserPlay has unveiled a gritty-looking Venom game. Unlike Spider-Man largely taking place in the day, this game has the brooding aesthetic you'd expect from a Venom title. Here, we see Eddie Brock walking around the city before he transforms into Venom.

The mechanics play similarly to Insomniac's Spider-Man, with Venom running up the side of a building and leaping into the air. It's interesting that Eddie has a likeness of Tom Hardy, who you'll know plays Brock in Sony's Venom movies and briefly popped up in Spider-Man: No Way Home

Fans were impressed with the concept of an Unreal Engine 5 Venom game, and although it's only a pipe dream, it's definitely got potential. Responding to the video, one person wrote, "Been sayin since Ultimate Spider-Man that Venom needs his own standalone solo game and more so now because of the movies. HUGE missed Opportunity for years there. Another added, "It was always my dream to get a rated m venom game i hope one day we get it because this made me want one even more now."


Could We Get A Venom Game?

Ultimately, it's out of our hands whether we'll get a Venom game. Assuming he's not a one-and-done villain, he could definitely return for his own game like Miles Morales. That's if Spider-Man 2 is a success, which we assume it will be. Then again, Insomniac has its plate full right now.

As well as Spider-Man 2, there's the untitled Wolverine game - which TeaserPlay also created a concept for. Beyond that, most think we'll at least be getting Spider-Man 3, so who knows when the team would find time for a mythical Venom game. Still, getting to tear around New York as the villainous symbiote sounds like a licence to print money. 

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