The Pokemon Company Shows Off The 1000th Pokemon

The Pokemon Company Shows Off The 1000th Pokemon
Images via The Pokemon Company

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Tom Chapman


22nd Nov 2022 12:57

We'll never forget when Derrick Barry became the 100th queen to enter the Werk Room for RuPaul's Drag Race. Getting a similar honour, we now know which Pokemon is the Pokedex's 1000th critter.

Since back in 1996, we've had nine generations (and counting) of Pocket Monsters. Let's be honest though, it can sometimes feel like we're running out of options.

If you thought Klefki was just a bunch of keys or Vanillite an ice cream, Gen 9 has been slammed as "lazy." Fuecoco's evolution into Crocalor is just the first one in a hat, while Flamigo is literally a flamingo. But, which mundane 'Mon is No. 1000? 

Which Pokemon Is No. 1000?

The Galar and Hisui regions took us to 905 Pokemon, but with Pokemon Scarlet and Violet adding another 105, we've crossed the milestone of 1000. 

There are officially 1010 Pokemon in existence right now, with Annihilape apparently being the final creature (for now). How long until players start asking about Gen X?

As for the 1,000th Pokemon, Nintendo Life confirms that legacy goes to Gholdengo. This Steel/Ghost type is the evolved form of Ghimmighoul, which you'll remember got a lot of attention in the game's marketing and was criticised for looking like the Reddit mascot.

It was almost like someone planned it, as Gholdengo's description on reads: "Its body seems to be made up of 1,000 coins. This Pokémon gets along well with others and is quick to make friends with anybody."

How Can You Get Gholdengo?

Getting this milestone 'Mon isn't as easy as you'd think though. To acquire Gholdengo, you need to earn 999 Gimmighoul coins.

Gimmighoul coins can be found scattered around Paldea and won by battling other Gimmighouls, but it's more like a side quest to evolve into Gholdengo than your typical evolution. And you thought using a Thunder Stone on Eevee was a chore.

It's true that Gholdengo might look like the Cheesestring mascot, but at least it's a damn sight better than the phallic Orthworm or Dudunsparce earning the name of the worst evolution of all time

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have been slammed for their glitches and graphics, but as long as you aren't one of those who've asked for a refund, you can head out there to try and add Gholdengo to your Pokedex.

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