McDonald’s Pokemon collab is terrifying, but we want more

McDonald’s Pokemon collab is terrifying, but we want more
Images via McDonald's | The Pokemon Company

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Tom Chapman


8th Mar 2024 15:00

It seems the glow of those golden arches is just too tempting, and year after year, McDonald's and Pokemon join forces to put the 'happy' in Happy Meals. Despite McDonald's best efforts, the almost annual release of Happy Meal Pokemon cards is hit with scalping issues

The first McDonald's x Pokemon collaboration happened back in 2011 to tie into Black & White, and while we've had regular game releases since, the modern Maccies crossover usually involves exclusive Pokemon cards finding new homes in Happy Meals. Hoping to take things one step further, one fan has designed their own Pokemon variants. 

Pokemon fan unveils their own McDonald's variants

There are plenty of food-themed Pokemon out there, with Vanillite, Appletun, and Fidough immediately springing to mind. Now, one Pokefan has imagined a world where McDonald's and Pokemon combine like never before. Over on the Pokemon subreddit, u/Unibee_Art has showcased their McDonald's x Pokemon crossover.

Giving us the lovechild of Ronald McDonald and Mr. Mime, we see the creepy clown getting a fast food facelift. This is just the start of the OPs' ideas, with a Grimace-inspired Muk, Psyduck Birdie, Hamburglar Krookodile, Tangela Fry Kids, and even a throwback to the forgotten Mac Tonight reimagined as Lunatone.

We've seen many Pokemon collabs, but sadly, the days of a choking-hazard Pokemon toy in your Happy Meal are a thing of the past. McDonald's Singapore treated us to a Pokemon-themed menu in 2022, including the Eevee Pulut Hitam Pie and Charizard McPepper Burger, but normally, it's just a case of sticking a pack of cards in there. 

Pokemon fans want a proper McDonald's crossover

McDonald's Singapore Pokemon menu
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Image via McDonald's

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Others couldn't get enough of the artwork, with some imagining a whole line of Pokemon-inspired McDonald's mascots. One cheered, "Muk as Grimace is perfect. Need Alolan Muk as Uncle O’Grimacey," while another added, "Those are too good! I’m a big Mr. Mime fan, and seeing him as Ronald 👌."  

A third concluded, "I have a couple of the McDonald's packs but these are way better!" Someone pointed out there's a distinct lack of Mayor McCheese, but fear not, we think Carnivine could perfectly take up that role. 

We know Game Freak is taking a bit of a rest before delivering Gen X, instead focusing on Pokemon Legends: Z-A in 2025, but when the next generation of Pocket Monsters arrives, we'd love to see a burger-inspired 'mon. Come on Ronald, you know it makes sense.

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