Pokemon: Let’s Go, Wooper rumour leaves Switch fans laughing

Pokemon: Let’s Go, Wooper rumour leaves Switch fans laughing
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Tom Chapman


7th Feb 2024 12:07

When you think of iconic Pokemon from Gen II, you tend to think of Umbreon, Houndoom, and Typhlosion. No offence to that nautical little dude, but Wooper isn't exactly the poster 'mon of Johto. Now, there's a wild rumour that Wooper could be getting a game all to itself. 

While Gen I set the groundwork for the Pokemon series, Gen II proved the series really had legs by adding another 100 Pokemon and a whole new region for Pokemon Gold & Silver. There's a reason that Gold & Silver are the third best-selling games in the franchise - having just been overtaken by Scarlet & Violet. 

Pokemon: Let's Go, Wooper and Let's Go, Togepi could be the last Pokemon Switch games

Over on the GamingLeaksandRumours subreddit, one fan pointed to an anonymous 4chan thread (first red flag) rumour that Pokemon: Let's Go, Wooper and Let's Go, Togepi could be swansong Pokemon titles for the Nintendo Switch. We know the Switch isn't long left for this world, and bowing out with more Let's Go would be a fitting farewell.

The OP notes that the 4chan thread has some pretty convincing logos, but to be honest, we could've cooked them up on Photoshop. Still, let's see what they have to say. Apparently, Let's Go, Wooper and Let's Go, Togepi will be in the style of 2018's Let's Go, Pikachu and Let's Go, Eevee that remade Pokemon Yellow. 

Sticking with the theme, Let's Go, Wooper and Let's Go, Togepi would apparently remake Gold/Silver/Cyrstal with new mechanics, including a new Pokeball Plus accessory that lets you catch Celebi. The pet and feed idea from Let's Go could return, as well as in-game trades for Paldean, Hisuian, and Galarian forms. 

Fans react to Pokemon: Let's Go, Wooper 

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Clodsire
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While Togepi's fan-favourite status, thanks to the anime, means Let's Go Togepi is a believable addition to the Let's Go family, critics aren't buying the rumours purely based on Wooper's inclusion. After all, would a Let's Go, Pikachu sequel not make sense to be called Let's Go, Pichu?

Others agreed, as one critic wrote, "Let's Go Wooper? Lmao ain't no way." Another added, "First thing I thought: why tf whooper?" and a third concluded, "I'm gonna be f*****g stoked if this is a real gen 2 remake but holy hell what a dumb name." Yeah, we're not sure on this one. 

Namely, there are plenty of other choices for Pokemon that are more popular (sorry) than Wooper. From Girafarig to Snubbul, we could sit here all day and list better options. Perhaps the only ideas worse than Let's Go, Wooper would be Let's Go, Wobbuffet or Let's Go, Shuckle. 

Still, it's true that Wooper is pretty popular in Japan - even getting a new Paldean form and Clodsire evolution for Scarlet & Violet. We've all heard about the potential Black & White remakes, but will we really be waving goodbye to the Switch with Let's Go, Wooper and Let's Go, Togepi?

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