Fans think they’ve worked out Pokemon Legends: Z-A starters

Fans think they’ve worked out Pokemon Legends: Z-A starters
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Tom Chapman

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29th Feb 2024 14:31

While Pokemon Day 2024 was full of surprises like new Tera Raids for Scarlet and Violet, a Pokemon Horizons: The Series crossover in Pokemon GO, and Pokemon Trading Card Game Pocket, the big news was what's next from Game Freak. We aren't getting those long-rumoured Black and White remakes, but arguably, something better.

As the Pokemon franchise continues to grow, it's locked in its next mainline release in the form of Pokemon Legends: Z-A in 2025. Although it means we're breaking with tradition in terms of Pokemon releases in 2024, there are hopes some time away will allow Game Freak to restore its tattered reputation.

Pokemon players think they've worked out the Pokemon Legends: Z-A starters

Like with Scarlet and Violet, the big talking point of any new Pokemon game is which lucky 'mon will be on the starting blocks as our starting trio. Since 1996, Pokemon like Charmander, Mudkip, and Pikachu (we're counting it because of Yellow) mean starters have become some of the franchise's most popular.

Even though we're still a long way off learning which terrific three will be accompanying us back to Kalos, Reddit is on the case and thinks it's cracked the code. There are a tonne of starter Pokemon to pick from, but given their infancy, we assume the Gen 9 trio of Fuecoco, Quaxly, and Sprigatito are sitting this one out.

One fan wrote, "Def not gonna be any Kalos Starters since they wouldn't adapt differently to the Region. I doubt they'll do previous PL starters even if it technically could make sense.

"I can't see the Kanto Starters since they were given to the player previously and I don't think gen 9. I'd say maybe a Gen 3 like Blaziken, gen 5 like Serperior, and gen 4 like Empoleon." This gives us a nice mix of generations and suggests Torchic, Snivy, and Piplup could be waiting in the wings. 

It lines up with a previous theory from u/MathematicianBroad56, who noted months ago that the trailer for Scarlet and Violet's Indigo Disc DLC featured Torchic alongside Cyndaquil, Piplup with Oshawott, and Snivy with Rowlet.

Someone else backed this up, writing, "Makes sense. Piplup line is based on Napoleon, Snivy line is based on French nobility, and the Torchic line are based on roosters, the national symbol of France."

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Pokemon Legends: Z-A's starter lineup has some problems

Before we go locking in Torchic, Snivy, and Piplup, there are some other popular theories out there. Others have pointed out that the Gen 3 starters already having Mega Evolutions could count Torchic out of the game. 2016 Pokemon World Champion Wolfey thinks we're gearing up for a Mega Incineroar with Litten. 

Some have suggested the lineup could be Chikorita, Tepig, and Piplup, but others aren't convinced. Either way, Piplup is a recurring member of almost everyone's lists. Given that its Empoleon evolution is inspired by Napoleon (and Kalos is a homage to France), Piplup is a pretty safe bet. It doesn't matter because we've still got a year to try and figure out.  

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