The 'Worst' Pokemon Of All Time Is Finally Getting An Evolution

The 'Worst' Pokemon Of All Time Is Finally Getting An Evolution
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Joseph Kime


15th Nov 2022 10:37

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet is so close we can almost taste it at this point, and so, the leaks are beginning to pour out.

For such a massive franchise, it's pretty hard to avoid. With the endless amount of Pokemon news that comes out, and everyone having their own taste in what makes a good Pocket Monster, there's certainly something for everyone.

We've seen the final evolutions of the three starter Pokemon, with fans being especially horrified by Sprigatito's. There are more beasties crawling out of the woodwork, and one Pokemon's long-awaited evolution has perplexed fans.

Fans Are Confused By New Pokemon Evolution

The following contains major spoilers for upcoming Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

Fans are absolutely perplexed that among the Pokemon arriving in Gen 9 is the evolution of a much-forgotten Pokemon. Hilariously, it just seems like a bigger version of its predecessor.

Dunsparce (the Land Snake Pokemon) was first revealed in Gen 2 and was quickly forgotten. It's pretty useless as a regular Normal-type monster, and it doesn't really do anything. But now, it has an evolution! Fun!

The Dunsparce evolution is Dudunsparce, which looks like a bigger version of the original Pokemon. It has a new set of wings and a new spike on its mouth, but that's pretty much it. Dunsparce is already on the list of Pokemon some hate for no reason.

Dundunsparce seems about as useless as its little brother, and fans are confused about why now is the time for a new Dunsparce. Like there could ever be a time when we need a new Dunsparce.

Is Dudunsparce A Troll On Pokemon Fans?

When truly considering what Dudunsparce exists for, there's only one real explanation for this creature to exist - and that's to troll fans.

There are swathes of Pokemon that fans feel deserve new evolutions, and we can guarantee that the number of people asking for a new Dunsparce was pretty slim. It's a dumb addition that seems dumb to the degree it can't be anything other than a joke.

Whether it's a poor gag or not, Dudunsparce is here to stay. Cue the TikTok videos of players building a team that consists of only Dudunsparce before laying out the Elite Four.

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