Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Have One Of The Lowest Critic Scores Ever

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Have One Of The Lowest Critic Scores Ever
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Tom Chapman


18th Nov 2022 13:12

Ooft, it's not looking for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, as the supposedly new-gen Pokemon titles are being compared to relics from the franchise's early days. 2007 called, it wants its game back. 

While it's not quite our first trip to Pallet Town, you'd be forgiven for thinking we've gone back in time. Ironic, as time travelling 'Mon are a big part of Scarlet and Violet

We've already covered how performance issues have seen one critic brand Pokemon Scarlet and Violet one of the worst games they've ever seen or played, but now, the official scores are painting an even more depressing picture. 

What Are Pokemon Scarlet And Violet's Critic Scores?

As more and more damning reports pour in, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet set a new Pokemon franchise bar as the worst-reviewed mainline game since 2005.

Over on Metacritic, both games have a Metascore of just 78. While 78 isn't a bad score by any standards (just ask Gotham Knights), it sets a modern low for the Pokeseries.

Sitting pretty at the top, it's Gen 6's Pokemon Y boasting an impressive 88. Pokemon Sun and Moon have 87 alongside Pokemon Black, while Pokemon Pearl has 85. In terms of what Scarlet and Violet are better than, 2005's Pokemon Emerald has 76.

It's important to note these are only the first critic scores, and with Scarlet and Violet getting a general release on November 18, they're likely to climb. Then again, it's just as probable they'll fall further.

Considering Scarlet and Violet were billed as the next big thing thanks to being the first truly open-world Pokemon games, it's hardly the seal of approval the developer was looking for. Sword and Shield got a lukewarm reception in 2019, but it's nothing compared to Gen 9's divisive nature.

Are We Being Unkind To Pokemon Scarlet And Violet?

Putting it simply, no, no we're not. Whether Pokemon Scarlet and Violet were released in an unfinished state to hit their release or not, even the heft day-one patch does little to alleviate a deluge of issues.

Much like Sonic Frontiers was dragged for pop-in, Pokemon and whole areas will suddenly appear in Paldea. There's a consistent frame struggle in both docked and handheld, while others report that the floor will simply disappear during battle. 

More patches could potentially fix some of the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet performance issues, but it looks like most of them are built into the very core of the game. We doubt Game Freak will assign the resources.

Performance issues aside, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are everywhere right now, sure to top the charts as one of 2022's biggest games. The story, new additions to Gen 9, and variety of gameplay styles are all getting glowing reviews. Anyway, what's the odd stutter between friends?

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