Pokemon could have the most hated gaming character of all time

Pokemon could have the most hated gaming character of all time
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29th Mar 2024 12:40

There's nothing wrong with a bit of healthy hate, but when it comes to the world of video games, we've never seen anything quite like. While the likes of Zelda's Navi and Resident Evil's Ashley Graham are hated because they're annoying, The Last of Us' Abby and Final Fantasy's Sephiroth are hated because of their actions.

Others like Call of Duty's General Shepherd and Red Dead's Micah Bell are frequently thrown around, but in terms of naming the most hated gaming character of all time, it isn't that easy - or at least, it shouldn't be. However, in a poll of the most hated character, a surprise member of the Pokemon community has come out on top.

Pokemon has gaming's most hated character

There's an odd number of hated characters in the Pokeverse, with Red & Blue's cheating Lance or Gold & Silver's whining Whitney immediately come to mind. When redditor u/Fun1058 asked who the most hated character in gaming is, Diamond & Pearl's Mindy quickly rose to the top

In case you need a refresher, Mindy is an NPC at Snowpoint City who offers you a trade. Mindy offers you her Haunter for a Medicham, and as Haunter can only evolve into Gengar via trade, it was a godsend for those who didn't have anyone to play with. Unfortunately, Mindy's Haunter is holding an Everstone and can't evolve.

The NPC is renowned for her cruelty and will mock you after the trade. It's even led to a subreddit called r/F*ck Mindy. On the hated character thread, the top comment is all about Mindy. Someone commented, "This triggered some deeply buried psychological trauma… f**k Mindy."

Another added, "And for this, Mindy can go to hell. I'll frickin dreameater your sorry butt while you sleep," and a third said, "Came into this post expecting Mindy and wasn't disappointed." Even 18 years later, it seems we're not over Mindy's betrayal. 

What other video game characters do you hate?

Kai Leng in Mass Effect
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Image via BioWare

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Mindy wasn't the only popular choice, as the thread throws out some great names. After the OP named Mass Effect's out of place Kai Leng, someone else pointed to GoldenEye 007's Natalia. It's not that we necessarily hate the character, but simply the fact she refuses to follow you. 

Someone else championed Skyrim's Nazeem, and even the mention of the Cloud District has us slamming our fists in rage. Responding to Nazeem, another concluded, "It ain’t a complete playthrough if I don’t murder that pompous dbag." Oh, and let's not forget our hatred for Cyberpunk 2077's Fingers. 

All of these are great choices, but come on, are they really as despicable as Mindy? Pour one out for the Gengar we never got. 

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