Pokemon restock proves everyone needs 59 inches of Slowpoke in their life

Pokemon restock proves everyone needs 59 inches of Slowpoke in their life
Images via The Pokemon Company

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Tom Chapman


29th Apr 2024 12:03

No matter what they tell you, sometimes size really does matter. In the world of video games, it seems we have an unhealthy obsession with inches, and after Spider-Man 2 offered us 19 inches of Venom, Elden Ring's upcoming Shadow of the Erdtree DLC is trying to lure us in with 18 inches of Messmer.

Putting the rest to shame, the family-friendly Pokemon Company is getting you to part with your cash for 59 inches of Slowpoke. We're not sure if you've got room for a giant Pokemon plushie in your house, but trust us, you'll want to find some when you see this beast of a buy. 

Pokemon's giant Slowpoke plushie is back

Nintendo Life reports that the viral Slowpoke plushie is now available from The Pokemon Center. This gormless Goliath previously went on sale in Japan in 2021, but now, it's back and available around the world. 

As the title suggests, the giant Slowpoke plushie comes in at a whopping 59 x 29.5 x 25.6 inches. This means the huge Slowpoke is around five feet long, or the same as five bananas (according to the official Pokemon X/Twitter account). 

Be warned that you'll need a fair few Gimmighouls for this one, as the Slowpoke plushie comes in at an equally gigantic $450/£330. Still, given how we've seen the various Pokemon Squishmallows go viral and the bizarre Gengar bed do the same, we'd get our orders in now. 

Get ready for girth

Giant Slowpoke Pokemon plushie
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Image via The Pokemon Center

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If you aren't sold on the idea, the official review section on the product makes for some saucy reading. One fan cheered, "You will read the measurements but nothing will prepare you for the sheer girth and size of this gargantuan unit in person." 

Another added, "He is amazing, so big, so perfect, I love him, I just wish they did a life size galvantula to go with him," while a third concluded, "Yes slowpoke big yes yes big slowpoke yes big boy slowpoke yea yes." It's clear most of you have underestimated the sheer size of the plushie, so let the pictures do the talking. 

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