Nintendo Is Refunding Players For Pokemon Scarlet And Violet

Nintendo Is Refunding Players For Pokemon Scarlet And Violet
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Tom Chapman


21st Nov 2022 12:00

It's safe to safe to say the release of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet has been rockier than a Geodude. And now, Nintendo has had to take note.

Following the successful release of Pokemon Legends: Arceus earlier this year, there were high hopes for Game Freak to deliver the franchise's first fully open-world game.

Sadly, Pokemon Scarlet & Violet has brought Paldea into our lives as a buggy mess that feels more like a GameCube game than a new-gen Pokemon.

If being the worst-reviewed Pokemon game since 2005 wasn't enough, someone from The Guardian said it was one of the worst games he's ever played. Now, the refunds are rolling in. 

What's Wrong With Pokemon Scarlet & Violet?

A quick search of "Pokemon glitch" on Twitter is sure to fill your timeline with everything from the hilarious to the game-breaking. Clipping through buildings, invisible mounts, and body horror glitches are everywhere.

The problems seem to be largely confined to when you tour Gen 9 with other players, as cutscenes are largely where these issues spring up. Notably, other players having flailing limbs or extended torsos are a recurring one. 

A particularly harrowing one sees a bird Pokemon fly right through a trainer, while their companion applauds with what looks like a broken arm. Others joke it looks more like an Attack on Titan game than a Pokemon one.

Whether you find it funny or are ready to throw your copy in the bin, rest assured that you can get a refund if you've really had enough of this buggy battler.

Can You Refund Pokemon Scarlet & Violet?

Over on Reddit, one peeved player confirmed they've been allocated a refund for Scarlet & Violet via the Nintendo eShop. They added, "I urge you to do so as well," so expect the Nintendo returns department to be pretty busy this week.

It's apparently easier to get a refund than you might think. Although Nintendo is notoriously tight-fisted with this sort of thing, the OP lists exactly what you need to say to get your Scarlet & Violet refund. 

Others have taken it one step further, encouraging disgruntled gamers to send handwritten letters to Nintendo's HQ. 

Reddit is full of similar situations where fans claim they've been able to secure a refund. Refunds are one thing, however, even angrier Pokefans are saying we need to hound Nintendo and Game Freak with threats to boycott the franchise if this happens again.

It's unclear what happened to Scarlet & Violet and whether Game Freak can patch these bugs out, but for the time being, we have to make do with the Paldea we've got. 

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