Next-gen Pokemon concept goes viral: 'We are never getting this'

Next-gen Pokemon concept goes viral: 'We are never getting this'
Images via Behance George K. | The Pokemon Company

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Tom Chapman


12th Feb 2024 10:56

The long-running Pokemon series is in a precarious position right now, and while 2022's Pokemon Scarlet & Violet have now overtaken Gold & Silver to become the second best-selling games in the franchise, that doesn't take away from their lacklustre reviews.

It took 26 years for Pokemon to deliver an open-world game, and even though this was supposed to be a massive overhaul of the series, Paldea could be a little bare at times. As we look ahead at the inevitable sequel (giving us Gen X), there are questions about whether Game Freak will keep churning out the same old games.

Next-gen Pokemon game goes viral

Over on Behance, artist George K. has created his own concept for a truly next-gen Pokemon game. Saying he was inspired by the Hisui Region of Pokemon Legends: Arceus, George K.'s concept goes with a child-like fantasy that tries to keep the "original aesthetics and atmosphere of the world of the Pokemon franchise.​​​​​​​"

​​​​​​​He says, "I remember how we fantasized as kids about how cool it would be if in the future Pokemon video games let you do everything you see on a Pokemon TV show." Being able to ride any Pokemon you want in the sky or sea, it's a fully open-world map where you can visit any area you can see on the horizon.

Giving us some serious The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom vibes, George K.'s game includes epic boss battles and dynamic combat, as well as a Zelda-inspired climbing system. He reiterates it's just a concept, but when shared on Twitter, it seems players can't get enough of this impressive idea. 

Aside from the obvious Palworld connections (George K.'s idea came first), The Washington Post's Gene Park joked, "Been imagining it like it’s world peace brah we are never getting this lol." Someone else added, "No, because Game Freak would actually have to do their jobs."

A third said, "Maybe in 2040...," and a fourth concluded, "Bandai makes it, oh yes." For better or for worse, The Pokemon series has become a bit of a cookie-cutter franchise that rolls out a new game every couple of years, introduces a new crop of Pocket Monsters, and watches the money flow in without changing much. 

The next Pokemon game is likely coming to the new Nintendo Switch

Behance George K. Pokemon Game
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Image via Behance George K.

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It's been a good run, but it's time to accept that the Nintendo Switch's time is coming to an end. Seven years after the home-handheld hybrid released, gamers are looking ahead to its successor. Rumours of the Switch 2/Pro are everywhere, and with it, it looks increasingly likely the next Pokemon game will hit that console. 

Although we've heard of mythical Let's Go, Wooper and Let's Go, Togepi titles (yeah, we're not buying it) to see the Switch off in style, the next mainline Poketitle is almost certainly heading to the Switch 2. Scarlet & Violet had something of an extended lifespan thanks to The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero DLCs, but now, the story is over.

There's been no word from Game Freak about what comes next, however, it's likely the team is at least planning a future game. There was a tease of Gen X in Scarlet & Violet, and with this being such a milestone, we're hoping the team pushes the boat out. Hopefully, everyone has learned a thing or two from the botched Gen IX launch.

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