Pokemon fans are glad we’re getting a break in 2024

Pokemon fans are glad we’re getting a break in 2024
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Tom Chapman


28th Feb 2024 10:37

You can set your watches to some things in gaming. The annual release of Call of Duty, FIFA/EA Sports FC, and Pokemon titles drain our bank balances on a yearly basis, but for the latter, that won't be the case in 2024. For the first time since Sun & Moon was released in 2015, we're not getting a new Pokemon game in 2024. 

While we enjoy Pokemon as much as the next, the cracks showed in Scarlet & Violet. After the underrated release of Pokemon Legends: Arceus, many felt we hopped to Paldea too quickly, churning out Gen 9 just for the sake of it. The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero was a vast improvement, but now, it's time for the series to rest.

Pokemon Legends: Z-A isn't coming until 2025

The annual Pokemon Day celebrations didn't disappoint, and while there was no sign of Let's Go, Wooper and Let's Go, Togepi, we got something much better. Kalos is calling our name, as Pokemon Legends: Z-A is the Pokemon X & Y sequel we never knew we needed.

Things get even more exciting when you realise a 2025 release means Nintendo is likely saving Pokemon Legends: Z-A for the Switch 2. We're told that Z-A will be "set entirely within Lumiose City," and like Legends: Arceus gave firm favourites a Hisuian makeover, we expect the old gang to debut some new variants.

With Scarlet & Violet pushing the Pokedex over 1,000, there were worries we were going too fast, and it seems plenty of you are glad for a bit of a rest in 2024. There are hopes that with a little longer to tinker on Pokemon Legends: Z-A, Game Freak could deliver its best game yet.

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Pokemon fans are glad for the rest

 Eager Bidoofs were hoping for a Gen X reveal at Pokemon Day 2024, but others are glad that the next batch of 'mon are being saved for a rainy day. One fan cheered, "Game Freak coming back after being down 3-1 😭," while another added, "We out the dark ages."

Someone reminded us, "This year is the first in over a decade to not get a new mainline Pokémon game, DLC, or a remake. And hypothetically Gen 10 in 2026 would be one of the longest gaps between generations with 4 years, tied with Gen 4 to Gen 5."

Another concluded, "I truly pray that they give this game enough time for the spotlight, unlike PLA. Nevertheless, giving it a little DLC and we should be good. We won’t need Gen 10 next year." While we're not sure we'd call Game Freak the GOAT of feedback, at least it looks like we're learning from the mistakes of the past. 

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