Spider-Man fans hope major mystery will be answered in the sequel

Spider-Man fans hope major mystery will be answered in the sequel
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1st Aug 2023 12:48

Insomniac Game is weaving a wicked web of intrigue, with all eyes on Marvel's Spider-Man 2 as one of PlayStation's biggest games in 2023, as well as one of gaming biggest titles in general. The superhero sequel is limbering up ahead of its October 20 release, with hopes of a bigger and bloodier sequel. 

2018's Spider-Man set the scene for a whole Spider-Verse, teasing everything from Black Panther to Daredevil, Doctor Strange to the Avengers. We faced off against the Sinister Six in the first game, and while it's largely new enemies in Spider-Man 2, a familiar foe could rear their head.

Will Spider-Man's Taskmaster mystery be solved in Spider-Man 2?




Taskmaster Challenges were one of the many side missions in 2018's Spider-Man, although his past and employer remain a mystery. This question of Taskmaster's employer was asked by Reddit user u/Fantastic_Orchid3037, reminding us how the villain was paid six figures by a mystery benefactor to track Spidey.

Neither the Spider-Man DLCs nor 2020's Miles Morales revealed who this unknown "they" is, leaving the door open to a number of organisations or famous faces. Taskmaster was chasing Peter Parker with the intention of his employer recruiting the wall-crawling hero, although that never happens either. 

Otto Octavius and Norman Osborn were potentials that were quickly debunked, although Oscorp could be behind it. The Avengers and Fantastic Four were thrown around, while someone pointed out Doc Ock has an A.I.M. mug on his desk. 

Someone else wrote, "It's a 100% SHIELD. It's widely known TM worked with Shield for a long time. It could also be AIM but I doubt they would think about hiring Spidey." Then again, why would SHIELD effectively hire an assassination attempt on Peter? It's not THAT evil an organisation. 

Who are the villains of Spider-Man 2

Insomniac Spider-Man 2 villain map
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Although Insomniac has put a lot of focus on Kraven the Hunter and Venom as the big bads of Spider-Man 2, there's a smorgasbord of villains ready to give Peter and Miles a run for their money. Lizard has appeared in the trailers, while Yuri Watanabe had a blink-and-you'll-miss-it appearance as her Wraith alter ego.

Kraven also has a list of potential 'targets,' with a brief moment in one of the trailers showing a map of various villains around the city. Alongside Kingpin, Tombstone, Shocker, and more, Taskmaster has conveniently made the cut. Will we find out who hired the acrobatic assassin? Here's hoping. 

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