Pokimane Calls Out Ninja For Keeping Quiet As Drama Continues

Pokimane Calls Out Ninja For Keeping Quiet As Drama Continues
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20th Jan 2022 17:00

Fasten your seatbelts, everyone. We're not out of the Pokimane vs. Ninja drama just yet. In a recent stream, Imane "Pokimane" Anys has called out Tyler "Ninja" Blevins for keeping quiet on social media after his team threatened legal action against her for "spewing lies."

You can find out more details of just exactly what happened between Pokimane and Ninja here. However, to cap it off in a nutshell, Pokimane openly criticised Ninja after he seemingly attempted to help revoke the Twitch ban against YouTuber JiDion, who was banned indefinitely for harassing Pokimane and her subs on social media. As a result, Pokimane found herself being threatened with legal action by Ninja's wife and manager, Jennifer Blevins. She promptly outed the message on social media, prompting a wave of mixed reactions from fans and fellow streamers. Some jumping to Pokimane's aid, others saying she had no right to get involved. 

However, despite Twitter being ablaze with the drama, it's been all been fairly quiet on the Ninja front, other than one cryptic message which left Pokimane confused. As a result, she has called on Ninja to respond.

What Was The Last We Heard From Ninja?

After Pokimane shared a screenshot of the DM from Blevins threatening her with legal action, things went quiet on Ninja's end. While Pokimane continued to use her Twitter page to give her end of the drama and send her thanks out to her fans, Ninja only shared his thoughts on the new Tilted Towers update in Fortnite during a stream on January 19. 

At least, that's how it appears as of writing. As Ninja did make one tweet which has left fans scratching their heads. In the now deleted Tweet, Ninja responded to one fan who was questioning Ninja about his side of the drama to which he said: "All will be explained." 

In a now-deleted Tweet, Ninja stated that "all will be explained" following the Pokimane beef
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A few days later, and still seemingly no word from either Ninja or his team. However, Pokimane certainly had a lot to say about the ominous tweet.

How Did Pokimane React To Ninja's Tweet?

On January 19, Pokimane took to her stream to address Ninja's cryptic Tweet, saying "I thought it was kind of interesting that Ninja was like, 'everything will be clarified' and then he woke up the next day and played Fortnite for 7 hours. And then he woke up the day after that, and is probably gonna play Fortnite for another 7 hours. So I'm like, were you gonna say something?"

She then began to speculate as to why exactly Ninja decided to mysteriously delete the tweet. She claimed: "Ninja probably noticed, 'Oh my god, JiDion’s viewers are the same people who watch me play Fortnite. I can’t upset them! I can’t stand up against misogyny. That could kill my brand!' Or some sh*t." She further claimed that Ninja is potentially "afraid of the repercussions for standing up against hate raiding and misogyny. That's the base line, bro. The bar is on the ground, and you can’t step over it!"


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