JiDion Permanently Banned From Twitch Following Pokimane Harassment

JiDion Permanently Banned From Twitch Following Pokimane Harassment
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Emma Hill


17th Jan 2022 15:54

Twitch streamer Demarcus "JiDion" Cousins has been permanently banned from the platform after sending his followers to "hate raid" Imane "Pokimane" Anys. Although it was originally set for two weeks, Twitch has decided to ban JiDion for good. 

The streaming community was shook after Pokimane was suddenly targeted by JiDion and his followers while she was in the middle of a stream. The YouTuber ordered his followers to comment "L+Ratio" into her chat and that’s exactly what they did in their drones. Following a wave of "misogynistic" comments, Pokimane ended her stream early and JiDion was banned from Twitch for two weeks. Sadly, this isn't the first time Pokimane has had to deal with misogyny in the industry, often having to deal with 'sexist' subs and 'gross' messages. 

JiDion may have 3.5 million subs on YouTube since joining in 2018, but the world of Twitch was a new one for him. However, following his actions and his "misogynistic" comments towards fan-favourite Pokimane, it looks like JiDion will never be journeying back to Twitch again. 

Why Was JiDion Been Given A Permanent Twitch Ban?

Apparently it all started when JiDion retweeted a video of Pokimane saying the "N-word" back during a stream in January 2019. Things then really kicked off on January 12, 2022, when YouTuber and new kid on the Twitch block JiDion noticed that his stream had more viewers than Pokimane. He then sent a "hate raid" to spam Pokimane's chat with "L+Ratio" leaving her dumbfounded live on stream. However, she kept her cool and reminded JiDion how this was a breach of Twitch Terms Of Service and that "if you get banned I’m not gonna be sad." She abruptly ended the stream after only an hour because she claimed she didn’t want to subject her viewers and her fellow streamers to such abuse. 

Subsequently, JiDion was banned from Twitch for two weeks. End of story? Nope, sadly not. JiDion then continued to harass Pokimane over on Twitter when he changed his profile picture to one of Pokimane make-up free and posted a number of tweets defending his actions. For example, in one post JiDion said: "I'm not like these other YouTubers imma defend myself when someone lies on me!!! My dislike for her has nothing to do with her gender but her as a person, don’t get the two confused!!!!" Yet, one fan quickly clapped back saying "Faze rug said the N word 10 years ago too but you enjoyed making a video w him … when you selectively go after Pokimane for the same reason it starts to look like your dislike IS based in gender."

Then on January 16, JiDion announced that his 14-day Twitch had now been upgraded to a permanent one. Seeing the ban as unfair, encouraged his followers to tweet "#twitchfreejidion" to revoke the decision. 

Permanent Twitch Ban: JiDion Reacts 

After informing his fans that he had been permanently banned, JiDion appeared to have accepted his fate when he posted: "In the end whatever happens I learned from my mistake and will do better in the future and I learned how much u guys really love me and I’ll be sure to never lose your guys trust." While some were relieved of the news some questioned whether that it was all part of an advertising ruse as he wanted because "more people know his name today then they did yesterday."

As of writing, Pokimane's Twitter account is still locked, but her friends such as Rachel "Valkyrae" Hofstetter and Matthew "Mizkif" Rinaudo have all rallied up to support her on social media. Following on from her own 48-hour Twitch ban, Pokimane has chosen to ignore the hate and continue providing content for her fans.


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