NICKMERCS and Kick raise eyebrows over supposed ‘gambling’ contract

NICKMERCS and Kick raise eyebrows over supposed ‘gambling’ contract
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Joseph Kime


31st Oct 2023 12:45

Nick "NICKMERCS" Kolcheff has officially signed a deal with Kick, and though many have presumed it spells the end of his career on Twitch, it doesn't have to be.

The former Call of Duty streamer has proven that his controversies only bolster his viewer numbers, and Kick has taken notice. The Twitch rival has asked him to join the platform for plenty of streams, although he's still allowed to take to Twitch to keep his followers on the platform happy.

Now, there are suggestions that there are some interesting clauses in NICKMERCs' contract, with the man himself suggesting he'll soon be taking part in controversial gambling streams. 

NICKMERCS claims gambling on Kick is "part of the contract"

Kolcheff has revealed that he'll be engaging in some gambling streams, which is naturally pretty controversial in itself - but he's claimed that it's something that's baked into his contract. He doesn't directly mention Kick, but this seems to be what he's referring to.  

"We're not gonna do a s**t-ton, but we're gonna do some gambling for sure," he says on stream. "It's part of the contract, you know?"

If Kick is roping its biggest creators into engaging in gambling, then there are a lot of moral quandaries that the platform will have to answer for. This comes after Kick promised to clamp down on gambling streams and big names speak out on the practice. 

xQc responds to NICKMERCS' gambling claim

As another giant creator who has a contract to stream on Kick, Felix "xQc" Lengyel has chimed in on claims that NICKMERCS has to gamble in his streams. He reckons that the CoD streamer is using his contract as a shield against criticism.

"If Nick has a f**kin' clause that says he has to gamble, he put it there," he says. "That's just disingenuous. Nick is buggin'."

You'd think that the deal itself would be enough to see NICKMERCS through the year, but if xQc is right and he's put the gambling clause in his deal, then he's in for plenty more controversy. Luckily for him, that seems to be his forte.

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