NICKMERCS signs massive Kick deal

NICKMERCS signs massive Kick deal
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Joseph Kime


20th Oct 2023 14:45

You'd have thought that Twitch would have a total monopoly of the streaming game, but competition is finally here, and it seems to be coming up on the industry giant.

The appearance of Kick and Rumble has offered an alternative to the king of streamers, offering much more relaxed terms of service and some pretty grand deals. This attractive package means the likes of Kaitlyn "Amouranth" Siragusa and Felix "xQc" Lengyel have already been snatched up.

Now, a controversial face has taken a hefty deal, packed up their purple branding, and headed over to stream on the side of Twitch's biggest competitor. 

NICKMERCS has joined Kick

After his online controversies led to his Call of Duty Operator being pulled from the marketplace, shooter player Nick "NICKMERCS" Kolcheff has found a new home on Kick.

His appearance on the platform was revealed by a pretty grandiose video posted to his social media, which sees the streamer don a full Roman warrior outfit. NICKMERCS is known for dressing like this, but now, his helmet has glowing streaks of green to reference the platform's branding.

Fans have been falling over each other to comment on just how minted this new presumably massive deal will have made NICKMERCS, while there are others concerned about what this will do for the creator's content. But, there's one thing that players seem to have got wrong.

NICKMERCS probably isn't leaving Twitch

As with many deals with major creators, NICKMERCS' deal with Kick is a non-commital one. This means he can stream elsewhere, provided that he fulfils his necessary streams on Kick itself. It's likely that he'll be streaming on Twitch, if only to maintain his audience.

Forbes claims that NICKMERCS has penned a starting one-year deal that could be worth around $10 million. Considering Kolcheff has almost seven million followers on Twitch and once pulled in 80,000 monthly subscribers, we don't expect him to fully abandon ship just yet. 

It's a big deal that such a prominent and controversial figure has arrived on Kick, but it's little surprise. After his less-than-ideal appearances in the media, this is just what NICKMERCS needs to get his face back out there and potentially earn a new legion of fans. 

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