xQc breaks silence on YouTube termination amid copyright chaos

xQc breaks silence on YouTube termination amid copyright chaos
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Joseph Kime


27th Nov 2023 09:55

It seems that wherever xQc goes, drama seems to follow.

The streamer has garnered a lot of attention over the years, not only for his streams that entertain thousands at a time, but he's equally gathered attention in a worse way, being accused of racism and promoting gambling frequently.

And now, it looks like the streamer's carelessness may have come back to bite him.

xQc's YouTube channel is terminated - while he's live on stream

The videos page of xQc's YouTube channel.
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During a recent stream, it was brought to xQc's attention that his YouTube channel had been stripped from the site as a result of a copyright claim.

It's been an ongoing conversation that xQc's content is practically just watching other people's content while making some vague reactions to it, and it's this that seems to have come down on the channel itself.

Being told about the fact that the channel was gone, he reacts with shock, but then ultimately levels out, indicating that he probably saw the channel's deletion coming.

xQc on YouTube - "I don't care about the money it makes"

Going on to speak about the channel's deletion, xQc claims that the removal from YouTube doesn't much bother him, indicating that it's only there for people to watch his streams back.

"Bro, this is why i'm not panicking and not going haywire about it," he says. "I always said, YouTube is for people, I don't care about the amount of money it makes. It just sucks that we lose it for now, because people don't get their VOD content."

It's just as well that he didn't much care for the ban itself, because the channel is already back and airing VOD videos as it had been before the ban. It's to be expected at this point with creators of this size, but it looks like xQc was right - there was no point in panicking.

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