Fortnite players concerned after IShowSpeed swatting

Fortnite players concerned after IShowSpeed swatting
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21st Nov 2023 16:05

Streamers have a habit of being pretty controversial figures to look up to. But then again, so do their viewers.  There are a lot of divisive streamers who've made a name for themselves, while many of the highest-earning and most-viewed content creators are th ones who've done, said, and echoed plenty of unsanitary stuff.

One of those people is Darren Jason Watkins Jr., aka IShowSpeed, who earned a name with loud-mouthed misogyny and accusations of promotion of cryptocurrency scams. Of course, fans of the man himself aren't particularly kind-hearted either - and they've proven that tenfold by hitting Speed with a brutal swatting.

IShowSpeed swatted live on stream

Even after moving house, Speed can't seem to get away from the most "passionate" fans, as he's just suffered from a brutal swatting while he was streaming Fortnite.

The streamer put a sharp hold on his stream while he spectated another player, and he quickly lost his loud and brash attitude. "Bro, just for my safety [...] in case anything happens," he begins as he closes down elements of his stream after checking his phone, seemingly getting tipped off about the swatting.

He takes down the green screen and steps over it into his bedroom, and he promptly leaves the room. Later on, armed SWAT teams enter the room and search the place.

Fans react to IShowSpeed's recent swatting

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As an all-too-regular occurrence for some streamers, fans know just how brutal this can be for popular figures on streaming sites , and fans are reacting accordingly to the invasion of Speed's home.

Showing solidarity with Speed, one said, "There really needs to be better ways to deal with these loser swatters," while another added, "This is terrifying to see." A third said, "Big streamers should alert authorities about their situation and what could happen. If they at least know it’s a possibility it could be a fake call, it would help with everyone’s nerves."

Say what you will about Speed, but this is a dramatic subsequence of his controversies online and a fostering of a toxic community that is a bold step over the line when it comes to interactions with online personalities. He might be boorish, but we can all probably agree that leagues of men with assault rifles storming your home can't be particularly pleasant.

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