Dr Disrespect Kick signing stalls over massive price tag

Dr Disrespect Kick signing stalls over massive price tag
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Joseph Kime


24th Aug 2023 12:10

The ongoing war for the biggest streamers is waging on. It was once thought that Twitch would remain the champion of the streamer for the longest time, but its gradually reducing rights for streamers in its terms and conditions have led them to head elsewhere.

Then again, when those competitors are willing to offer lucrative contracts, it's hard for many streamers to say no. Now, Herschel "DrDisrespect" Beahm IV has valued himself perhaps too well - and Kick is nervous to pull the trigger.

Kick is hesitant to poach Dr Disrespect for $50 million

It looks like the massive deals are slowing for streamers at Kick, as Dr Disrespect's self-valuation of $50 million for a streaming contract is making those at the top a little antsy. Although Kick has signed superstars like Felix "xQc" Lengyel and Kaitlyn "Amouranth" Siragusa, Doc could be out of reach. 

As suggested by Kick Head of Product Paulie Chianese in a recent interview with Big E, talks to sign the Two-Time have seemingly stalled. Even though there are people on the Kick team who are big fans of the DrDirespect and his ability to pull viewers, his own price tag could be a hurdle.

Discussing DrDisrespect's eye-watering self-valuation, Chianese reiterated, "$50 million is $50 million," indicating that they're still umming and ahhing about the purchase. It's a lot of money for Kick, but the Twitch rival has spent more in the past.

Kick has spent much more on other streamers

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Kick's deals have been headlined by their whopper of a buyout with xQc, which has shelled out a huge $200 million for non-exclusive streaming rights for two years. Ever since this deal, and another big one featuring Amouranth, everyone seems to want a piece of the pie - and it's hard to blame them.

Chianese is right that Doc is "one of the most entertaining streamers in the business," and with some Kick staff members having "watched him for years," luring him to the green team would be more than just a throwaway signing. Still, DrDisrespect might be just out of reach...for now. 

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