LeBron James will start streaming soon, but he’s not playing NBA 2K

LeBron James will start streaming soon, but he’s not playing NBA 2K
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Megan Cooke


30th Dec 2023 18:22

LeBron James has recently announced that he plans on live-streaming gameplay in the future.

After asking his fans which platform they thought he should stream on, both Kick and Twitch are fighting to host the American basketball legend.

LeBron James is planning on streaming in the future

On 29 December, LeBron James tweeted out that he was intending to start streaming himself playing Madden.

He wrote: “Thinking of live streaming my EAMaddenNFL games when I play. Who should I stream with? Meaning which platform brand.”

LeBron James is no stranger to gaming, and has talked before about how much gaming means to him.

The basketballer even has a collaboration with PlayStation, including a limited edition dualsense controller.

He also stated in a PlayStation promotional video earlier this year that Madden is his favourite game, so it is no surprise that this will be the first title he decides to stream. 

Streaming platforms are fighting for LeBron James’ attention

Naturally, by asking for opinions about which platform he should stream on, LeBron James has started a bit of a war between Twitch and Kick.

Several Kick users, including the official Kick Twitter account, suggested that LeBron James should use the newer platform in order to receive a rather large paycheck.

Adin Ross tweeted: “Come to kick. I’ll get you a bag, my glorious king.”

Similarly, the Kick account said: “Maybe we’re biassed but ask Drake & Bronny, they’ll tell you Kick is where it’s at.”

Kick is known for its huge deals, which reportedly include Adin Ross who got $150 Million, xQc with $100 Million and Dr Disrespect with $50 Million.

However, money doesn’t exactly need to be the driving factor behind LeBron James’ decision, given that he is a professional athlete.

Daniel Clancy, the CEO of Twitch, also chimed in on the post, stating: “I am a bit biassed given that I run Twitch but Twitch is the best platform for engaging with your fans.

“You also could consider streaming on Twitch and YouTube at the same time.”

A lot of LeBron’s own fans, who are not affiliated with a particular platform, are suggesting the athlete turns to YouTube Gaming as a platform for his own content.

Another Twitter user summed it all up perfectly: “Bro you’re LeBron James, do what you want.”

Whether or not LeBron James will actually start streaming is still unknown, but it will definitely be great to see him share his love for Madden, and gaming as a whole, on a wider level.

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