Twitch’s CEO had his partner application rejected

Twitch’s CEO had his partner application rejected
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21st Oct 2023 20:19

A lot of streamers have been finding it challenging to become a Twitch partner, but it turns out they are not alone.

Twitch’s CEO, Daniel Clancy, revealed today that even he had had his partner application denied.

Twitch’s CEO had his partner application denied

Twitch CEO Daniel Clancy took to Twitter today to share that he had had his partner application denied.

He stated that he did not tell anyone that he was applying to the program and kept it to himself to see how it would go.

Clancy wrote: “For anyone that got denied being a Partner from Twitch, don't feel so bad. Just got my Partner application denied. Did not tell anyone I was applying. Need to keep at it and hopefully get there one day.”

The rejection letter, shared by Clancy on Twitter, states that completing the Path To Partner achievement is a “great milestone to reach” but also includes the reason his partner application was denied.

The letter reads: "Evaluating your channel, it looks like your recent viewership has been fluctuating significantly, and we are looking for consistency rather than occasional spikes in viewership.

“You should aim to consistently average at least 75 viewers per stream, not including any viewership from hosts, raids, front page, or embeds.”

Twitter users think this shows how the system is broken

Fans have reacted in various ways to Clancy’s tweet, with some thanking him for sharing the rejection and others saying they would have given themselves partner if they were in the CEO’s position.

“Sorry you got denied. So many can relate to this,” said one Twitter user. “Thank you for sharing and I hope you get it next time!”

One of the most popular opinions, however, appears to be that this shows how the Twitch partner system is broken.

Twitter user JamesmHodges, said “Say your partner program is broken without saying, you’ve gone first.”

Another user said: “Maybe you wanna look into the part where there are 3 different places on your dashboard that show your average viewer counts & that all 3 of them read different numbers.”

Whether Clancy being denied will cause Twitch to look into why so many eligible streamers are being rejected or not is yet to be seen, but at least some streamers who have been denied before may feel a little bit better about it knowing even the CEO couldn’t make partner.

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