xQc blames ‘lame’ viewers for lack of GTA RP streams

xQc blames ‘lame’ viewers for lack of GTA RP streams
Image via Rockstar Games | Twitter - xQc

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Joseph Kime


22nd Feb 2024 12:30

Rockstar Studios' Grand Theft Auto franchise might be a real titan of the gaming space, but it's safe to say that role-playing fans played a huge part in keeping GTA V's online portion alive.

Modders who gave players the chance to live normal(ish) lives in Los Santos helped keep GTA V culturally relevant amidst waning interest and frustrations with Shark Cards. A huge number of streamers still get involved, working day jobs with fellow streamers before mobilising into the heist of a bank manned by other players.

It's as close as we've gotten to a real crime simulator, and players fell for it instantly - but one major streamer has addressed why he can't go back to the automotive adventure that made him.

xQc can't return to GTA RP because of fans

Felix "xQc" Lengyel has revealed that GTA RP, the video game mod that took his streaming to new heights, is now unworkable as he tries to keep his viewers happy. At the end of one of his Kick stream, fans asked xQc in his chat why he was slowing down his streams of GTA role-playing servers.

The notoriously vocal streamer stated that some of his viewers made it "unstreamable." Lengyel then got a little more frustrated with one user who kept quizzing him about his in-game actions while he was playing GTA RP, lashing out at viewers who give him hate for the choices he makes while playing.

"You spammed full of hatred and dogs***," he says. "Bro, you were saying some of the most hateful s*** in chat as soon as I turned off emote only mode. Like, do you not see how decent it was, the whole thing? [...] You’re a s*** f***ing viewer bro, it’s lame as f***… It’s legitimately unstreamable. It’s actually trash."

Is xQc stopping GTA RP?

xQc rages on Stream.
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Image via Kick - xQc

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As xQc is accused of fostering a pretty toxic fanbase over the years, it's no shock to see that they're now causing the streamer himself a headache. For now, it looks like he could keep up the GTA RP streams, switching his stream to an emote-only mode for chat so that he won't be so frequently berated by his viewers.

Even then, it would be understandable to see xQc hang up the game entirely and focus more on the likes of his controversial gambling streams. GTA RP doesn't seem dead on xQc's Kick channel yet, but with the way his fans are pushing him, we might not be that far off from that eventuality.

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