It’s 2021 And Minecraft Is Still Dominating Video Game Sales Charts

It’s 2021 And Minecraft Is Still Dominating Video Game Sales Charts
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Joseph Kime


9th Sep 2021 09:25

Ah, Minecraft. A classic, wouldn’t you agree?

It feels like a lifetime ago that the building sandbox’s alpha first fell into our laps and wrapped its fist around the YouTube gaming community, something we didn’t know at the time would last forever. The game is a true achievement, both in game development and its incredible reach.

The game has become one of the best-selling titles ever produced, and though some might argue that its best days are over, others think it’s just hitting its stride. And whichever side you’re on, there’s one thing you can’t deny - and that’s its sales numbers.

Minecraft Is Still Number One In Physical Sales

Minecraft Dominates Games Charts Once Again
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10 whole years on from the game’s official launch, Minecraft for Switch has taken control of physical sales this week. It’s had a 29% week-by-week sales increase and has clambered above Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, which only had a 16% increase.

This isn’t just sales for the Nintendo Switch, either - this is overall game sales. As the market is pouring next-gen titles out the wazoo, it’s still Minecraft that takes the reins and guides the entire gaming industry. Not bad for a game that was once as indie as indies come.

It has now dominated Grand Theft Auto 5, Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart and even FIFA 21 for the top spot.

How Many Copies Has Minecraft Sold?

Minecraft Dominates Games Charts Once Again
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Overall, as we’re sure you can guess, Minecraft has sold a nearly unfathomable sum of copies. It was reported by Statisa that by 2020, Minecraft had sold a grand total of 200 million copies.

The Pocket Edition of the game has also accumulated 93 million sales since it launched in 2012, and Minecraft Chinese Edition, a free version of the game, has amassed 400 million downloads since 2017. That makes for over 693 million copies of the active game in circulation. Phew.

The game was of course known as a widespread success, but perhaps not recognised to the tune of almost 700 million players. It looks like Minecraft has a bit of a chokehold on the gaming industry - and they don’t seem to be loosening up any time soon.


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