Gameplay Footage Of Spider-Man 2 Is 'To Be Shown Soon'

Gameplay Footage Of Spider-Man 2 Is 'To Be Shown Soon'
Images: Insomniac Games

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Joseph Kime


7th Sep 2022 09:09

The hype for Spider-Man 2 might have fizzled in the gap between content, but the game is still likely to be a hit that will push a lot of players to pick up their first PlayStation console.

The first two titles in the Spider-Man lineage of games were unadulterated bangers, giving players the chance to swing through New York City battering baddies along the way, while also offering some incredibly sincere storytelling. The potential for the new sequel is huge, especially as the game will be introducing Tony Todd as Venom himself - and we're waiting with bated breath for a new look at the game.

And now, a leaker has suggested we might not have to wait much longer to get a peek.

Spider-Man 2 Footage Is Coming Soon, Says Leaker

Thankfully the wait may soon be over, as we could be getting a new look at Spider-Man 2 imminently.

According to industry insider Millie Amand, a leaker with a solid track record of providing authentic peeks behind the curtain at PlayStation, has claimed that development on the game is going well, and that gameplay footage is right around the corner.

"'Fluidity' and 'visual punch' is striking according to an employee of Marvel," Amand claims. "Another employee thought they were watching a cutscene. Gameplay to be shown soon."

Thankfully it seems as though the game is going well, especially if one of the Marvel team members thought the gameplay looked so good that it simply couldn't be actual gameplay. The news of new footage is incredibly exciting too - and players are confident they know when it's coming.

When Will New Spider-Man 2 Footage Launch?

A lot of fans, with the news of gameplay footage being on the horizon, are now expecting that our fresh look at Spider-Man 2 will be coming at the next PlayStation Showcase.

Of course, PlayStation hasn't officially announced this yet - but if last year is anything to go by, a huge presentation from PlayStation could be coming this month (or next month, at a push) to reveal a wealth of new titles, Spider-Man 2 included.


Whenever it arrives, we're excited to see the new footage of the game, as if this leak is anything to go by, it's going to be very special indeed.

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