Palworld Trailer Lets You Harvest Pokemon Organs

Palworld Trailer Lets You Harvest Pokemon Organs
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21st Jan 2022 13:57

We're the first to admit it, the world of Pokemon can be a sometimes dark place. Alongside the idea Cubone is wearing the skull of a murdered Kangaskhan, there are theories Professor Oak is Ash's absentee father, and who could forget that wild Lavender Town suicide music rumour? Still, that's nothing compared to a Pokemon organ harvesting ring.

Over the past 26 years, Pokemon has skirted around the more macabre elements - like the fact we basically imprison wild animals in tiny cells and then force them to take part in bloodsports for the fun of teenagers. Leaning into the darker side of Pokemon - and no, we don't mean Dark-types like Tyranitar and Houndoom - Palworld is a clever Pokemon clone that lets you live your darkest fantasy.

What's In The New Palworld Trailer?

In the second trailer for Pocket Pair, Inc.'s Palworld, we imagine a not-so-subtly Pokemon-inspired world where trainer and monster live in harmony. Well, we say harmony. It's more like slave labour where "Pals" are forced to wield guns, work in sweatshops, and even have their organs harvested.

While the first half of the trailer looks a bit like a realistic Pokemon clone, the second descends into the darkest depth of video game horrors. Here, we see some villainous plague doctors strapping Pals to a bench and harvesting their organs.

From here on out, it's a nightmarish vision where Pals eat each other, are blown up in fiery explosions, and have their backsides used as grenade launchers. It's the adult Pokemon game we never knew we needed. We're sure we're not alone in thinking some parts look even better than Pokemon Legends: Arceus

When Is Palworld Out?

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Pocket Pair, Inc.

Palworld was first revealed in 2021, and although the devs have promised it's not just Pokemon with guns, we can see why you might get that impression. Adding a decidedly GTA theme to things, we're told players are able to sell Pals, "butcher them to eat," stick them into work, and force them to rob... just don't get caught. 

The internet was divided by the first look at Palworld, and we're expecting a similar reception this time around. Although there's no concrete release date, Palworld's Steam page confirms it's due out in 2022. There's plenty to love here, but we'll be honest that our favourite bit is the Toroto-inspired Pal that has effectively been turned into a tank. Either way, we can't wait to play Palworld


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