Dr Disrespect Continues To Slam Elden Ring, But Still Keeps Playing

Dr Disrespect Continues To Slam Elden Ring, But Still Keeps Playing
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Emma Hill


3rd Mar 2022 13:01

Herschel "Dr DisRespect" Beahm IV has jumped on the Elden Ring hype and featured his playthrough of the game in many of his recent streams. Although he regularly slams Elden Ring for numerous reasons, he just keeps on playing. 

It still may be early days for Elden Ring, but the epic fantasy epic RPG has already taken the world by storm. Subsequently, streamers flocked to jump on the hype and include as much Lands Between content as possible to pull in the viewers, including Zack "Asmongold" and Ludwig "Ludwig" Ahgren. It worked. Elden Ring content creators saw a mind-blowing spike in their popularity throughout February. So much so that, xQc was knocked off his Twitch throne and Ludwig's Elden Ring livestream became his "most viewed video ever."

So, it's no surprise that battle royale star Dr Disrespect wanted to grab a taste of the glory and jumped on the Elden Ring bandwagon. It's a grab the YouTuber clearly doesn't want to let go off as he has continued to stream the game, despite openly criticising many things about it. 

What Has Dr Disrespect Previously Said About Elden Ring?

Dr Disrespect has made his name playing FPS battle royale games like Warzone and Fortnite. So, fans were a little confused when he decided to play a fantasy souls game Elden Ring. Then again, given his increasing frustration with Warzone in recent times, it didn't come as a complete surprise that he wanted to explore his options. 

However, as Elden Ring continues to receive resounding praise from critics and players alike, the Doc has done nothing but slate it. About 5 hours and 28 mins into his stream on March 1, the YouTuber has claimed that the game just isn't "interesting enough" and that he would only give Elden Ring a "six out of ten."

In his stream three days earlier, the Doc also blasted the game's "sluggish" controls. While he admitted that he'd never played a souls game before, Dr Disrespect claimed that Elden Ring made him feel like "playing NBA 2K22." 

Dr Disrespect Hates Elden Ring's "Horrific" Camera 

Dr Disrespect may not be the biggest fan of Elden Ring, but that hasn't deterred him from clocking in an impressive amount of hours into the game already, adding a further 11 gameplay hours during his stream on March 2. However, it proved to be a particularly frustrating playthrough, as the YouTuber went on to slam the RPG's camera. 

During his scathing rant, the Doc screamed: "The collision of the camera in this gameā€¦ it's horrific. It's gotta be the worst I've played out of any third-person game. Why is the camera getting glitched? Makes me want to break something." He further claimed that the game's difficulty "doesn't bother" him, but went on to slate Elden Ring's "terrible" camera. 

While many have hailed Elden Ring as the 'best game of the year' already, Dr Disrespect has added his name to the list of players who are going against the grain and criticising the game. However, as he continues to include Elden Ring in his content, it's clear there is something about it that is keeping him hooked. 


Emma Hill is a former Junior Journalist at GGRecon.

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