Elden Ring And Lost Ark Streamers Boot xQc From Twitch Throne

Elden Ring And Lost Ark Streamers Boot xQc From Twitch Throne
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Emma Hill


2nd Mar 2022 14:47

It appears Felix "xQc" Lengyel's unending Twitch reign has been brought to an abrupt halt after he was toppled off the top spot by streamers who are exclusively playing new fantasy games Elden Ring and Lost Ark

xQc was crowned the top streamer of 2021 not only on Twitch, but across YouTube and Facebook gaming too. Then, Elden Ring and Lost Ark happened. Much to everyone's surprise, the 26-year-old claimed that he wouldn't be jumping on the hype surrounding Lost Ark following its Western release. Yet, he decided to give fantasy RPG Elden Ring a go and had nothing but praise for the game. 

Although, it appears that xQc's refusal to play Lost Ark during his streams may have cost him dearly, as the streamer has been toppled from his prime spot by content creators who are exclusively playing the game. He may be livestreaming his Elden Ring playthroughs, but it doesn't seem like it's enough to beat out his competition. 

Who Was xQc Beaten By?

According to the statistics shown Sullygnome, xQc lost his spot as February's streamer of the month to gaming publication Fextralife, which has climbed its way to the top thanks to its Elden Ring and Lost Ark playthroughs. The statistics show that Fextralife managed to rake in 20,602,064 hours in viewer watch time, just overtaking xQc who pulled in an impressive 20,504,221. 

Sullygnome's stats show xQc was toppled from February's top spot by Fextralife
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Image Credit: Sullygnome

However, this isn't the only competition that xQc has had to face. MMO pro Zack "Asmongold"'s popularity has erupted following his return to his main Twitch channel thanks to his Elden Ring and Lost Ark playthroughs. According to Sullygnome's statistics, Asmongold's watch time (hours) has gone up by a mind-blowing 10,000%. xQc's average may have gone down by just over 15%, but he still managed to tower above Asmongold. 

Who Else Did xQc Come Up Against?

xQc was able to firmly secure his second place for February. Although, Sullygnome's stats also showed some interesting figures for a number of streamers during the month. For example, record-breaking Vtuber "Ironmouse" saw a whopping increase of 699.4% for her average viewer watch time, nearly securing herself a spot in the top 10. Whereas, Tyler "Trainwrecks" Niknam hours were down by 15.1%. 

This isn't the first time that xQc has beaten from the top spot. In October 2021, Fextralife once again topped the charts, but that didn't stop xQc from being crowned the top streamer in 2021 overall. With the streamer still pulling in some mind-blowing figures, it's likely it won't affect his community too drastically. 


Emma Hill is a former Junior Journalist at GGRecon.

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