Dr Disrespect Says He's 'Ready To Uninstall' Warzone

Dr Disrespect Says He's 'Ready To Uninstall' Warzone
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Emma Hill


9th Dec 2021 12:17

The time has come. After months of anticipation, Caldera is finally here. However, Dr Disrespect is not exactly raving about it.

Dedicated Warzone fans have been counting down the days for the new Pacific map to be released. As well as getting their spitfire piloting skills at the ready, dedicated Call Of Duty fans have been eagerly jumping onto any shred of new information for just a glimpse of Caldera. One fan even found a clever way of secretly unlocking a low-poly version of the map. There was an official Secrets Of The Pacific preview event to build up the hype, but things didn't work out too well.

Then December 8 arrived. The day had finally come that Vanguard players could get a first-look at the new map before the rest of the world of December 9. Yet it seems despite all the hype and excitement, one passionate Warzone player and streamer, Dr Disrespect is already to hop on the next spitfire out of Caldera. 

What Did Dr Disrespect Say About The Warzone Pacific Map?  

Following the map's release for Vanguard players, gaming streamers across the community shared their experiences of exploring the sandy beaches and crystal blue waters of Caldera. One of the first was the moustachioed Warzone aficionado himself, Dr Disrespect (A.K.A. Herschel "Guy" Beahm IV). The Doc joined his pal Timothy "TimTheTatman" Betar for their first playthrough of the map. The duo seemed pretty pleased with Caldera initially, with both streamers they were looking forward to seeing more of what the Warzone Pacific map had to offer. However, after spending a some more time on the game, the Doc completely changed his tune. 

Following on from his playthrough with TimTheTatMan, Dr Disrespect hosted a new stream of his latest experience of the game, in which he said: "I’m already bored with this game. I just don’t know what else to say, champs. It’s bad. I don’t know. It just doesn’t, get me excited. If there are people getting giggly over this… god, man. If they are, our expectations are just so low. I’m actually falling asleep playing this game."

Continuing his criticism, Dr Disrespect explained: "Warzone is supposed to be this over the top blockbuster arcade video game that you can pop into, start playing and have fun with because it’s super high rep, boom boom boom… and I ain’t getting that feeling. I’m getting really close to uninstalling this game and switching over to Battlefield 2042 - where I know I’ll lose 98% of my audience. That’s how close I am to done." Yikes. 

Did Dr Disrespect Like Anything About The Warzone Pacific Map?

A Doc stream wouldn't be a Doc stream without a rant, so that's exactly what he gave his fans when talking about the Warzone Pacific map. Posting on his Twitter page, Dr Disrespect proclaimed: "The more I play Caldera and this WW2 theme, makes me wanna throw up all over my high-end peripherals. Boring." 

However, after 'calming down' for a bit, Dr Disrespect returned to Twitter to say some fairly nice things about Caldera. In the tweet, the Doc claimed that the "POI are unique and fun to fight in", as well as "constant engagements" and how there is "always cash on hand". Then, in classic Dr Disrespect style he went on to present a slightly longer list of specific things he didn't like, for example how there was "constant Uphill/downhill fights" and "3rd party interference". 

Safe to say, Dr Disrespect isn't the biggest fan of Caldera. Not to mention, the fact that one of the most passionate Warzone players out there claimed that he "is ready to uninstall" Warzone Pacific doesn't sound great. However, it is still early days and, as players all around the world are able to play the map from December 9, perhaps there could be more positive reviews landing on Caldera's shores.


Emma Hill is a former Junior Journalist at GGRecon.

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