Tower Of Fantasy Saki Fuwa Release Date

Tower Of Fantasy Saki Fuwa Release Date
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9th Nov 2022 16:06

Saki Fuwa is the newest of Tower of Fantasy Simulacra to drop. Saki Fuwa is the captain of special forces in Mirroria, the capital city of the Tower of Fantasy Vera expansion. To learn more about Saki Fuwa and when we can expect her release, read on.

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Tower Of Fantasy: Who Is Saki Fuwa?

Despite her young age of 16, Saki Fuwa is a powerful character who wields dual katanas capable of a 'Super Flow' power due to being coated with Dark Crystals. The katanas are imbued with the ice element and are called Ryusen Toshin. They deal 13.9 shatter damage and have an eight-second charge.

Saki Fuwa is the captain of the Mirorria special forces and a rarer SSR Simulacra, who until now was only available in the Chinese version of Tower of Fantasy.

Saki Fuwa's skills and combat abilities include:

  • Flowing Springs – five attacks that stack together for a maximum damage output of 102.6% and the ability to suspend the target.
  • Heavenbreak Waterfall – Attacks performed whilst in mid-air deal a maximum of 170.2% damage with a plus nine to attack.
  • Frostfall – performed whilst jumping and holding the attack button. This skill can cause an AOE to nearby enemies when landing with a 76% increase to attack plus four.
  • Surging Heart Vortex – normal attacks deal 199.5% damage with plus 11 to attack when holding attack whilst dashing forwards.
  • Calm Style Broken Spring – hold down attack whilst in calm mode to trigger Broken Spring. This ability allows you to deal up to 127.3% of attack plus seven damage to the enemy. If attacked during the skill Saki can block 20% of the incoming damage equal to her maximum pool of HP.
  • Frigid Tide – attack after performing a dodge to deal 277% of attack plus 15 damage.
  • Glimpse of Ning Quan – This ability is performed using the dash action and can halt enemies in their tracks and deal delayed damage of up to 927.7% of attack power. This ability does have a cooldown rate however of 30 seconds.
  • Calm Style Gathering Springs – this ability allows Saki to go into a trance and absorb oncoming damage for up to three seconds. Damage absorbed is converted into frost and released on nearby enemies.
  • Passive – Saki Fuwa can summon a shadow version of her blades to follow her and deal out additional attacks.
  • Heart of Lotus – This is a set of combo attacks that unleash once the weapon charge is full. The combo can deal a maximum of 864.5% of attack plus 46 damage.


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Tower Of Fantasy Saki Fuwa Release Date

Tower Of Fantasy: Saki Fuwa
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Saki Fuwa is due to release globally on November 10. Players can get her by spending Red Nuclei on the limited-time banner. You can buy Red Nuclei with Tanium, the premium currency of the game. Alternatively, you can accrue Red Nuclei from early in-game reward systems and limited web events or from trading Red Nuclei for Dark Crystals in the store. Dark Crystals are a comparatively more plentiful resource than Red Nuclei which can be accrued from completing quests in Tower of Fantasy.

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