Tower of Fantasy King: Best Gifts, Abilities And How To Get

Tower of Fantasy King: Best Gifts, Abilities And How To Get
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King is an unlockable Simulacra in Tower of Fantasy, who operates with a fire-type weapon and is a rare SSR character drop. In Tower of Fantasy, you first encounter King at his arena tournament, where you must complete for a rare material to fix the Omni Tower near the Astra Shelter during chapter two. King is also a collectable Simulacra, meaning you can play as him in your game. To learn how to get King, how to upgrade his weapon and how his abilities work, read here.

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Tower of Fantasy King: Abilities

Tower of Fantasy, King's Abilities
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King is one of the rarer and most powerful characters you can collect in the game, with the passive ability to restore a percentage of HP for every successive defeat of an enemy. His weapon of choice is the Scythe of the Crow which deals fire damage.

He is classed within the damage category for resonance effects and his weapon can produce the following attacks:

  • Normal Attack - the Scythe can chain up to five attacks from the ground.
  • Rising Scythe – Can attack from mid-air up to five times in a row
  • Asunder – can deal damage when in the falling state and deliver a knockdown.
  • Returning Chain blade – Transforms the scythe into a chain blade after a fourth attack, which deals additional damage and brings targets towards you.
  • Sneak Attack – performed when approaching an enemy from a crouched position behind them. Damage dealt is 570% of ATK + 30.
  • Domain of The Bat – Pulls a target to the centre of the screen and deals 114.3% of ATK + 6 for attacking successfully after a dodge.
  • Mortal Coil – a swooping scythe attack that deals 499.9% of ATK + 26.
  • Flaming Scythe – The flaming scythe erupts when fully charged and deals 398.3% of ATK + 21 damage with a duration of ten seconds. This also triggers an AOE attack for additional damage.

Tower of Fantasy King: How To Get

Tower of Fantasy: King
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King is available to get from either of the Special Order Banners. However, as an SSR character, the percentage rate of getting him from one of the banners is reduced.

The rate of pulling an SSR character from the Gold Nuclei banner is 0.75% but increases by 2% every pull thereafter. There is also a pity system which guarantees an SSR character/weapon on every 80th pull. The pity system does not reset if you receive an SSR beforehand.

There is a higher percentage rate of 0.3% to pull an SSR from the Black Nuclei banner, however, this banner does not have a pity system which is something to bear in mind.

The current limited timed banner is the 'Rebirth of Clemency' Special Order which boasts a guaranteed SR or SSR every ten orders and a guaranteed SSR after every 80 orders. This banner requires you to spend Red Nuclei however, only obtainable by spending real money on Tanium, which you can then exchange for Red Nuclei in the shop.


Tower of Fantasy King: Best Gifts

Tower of Fantasy: King Gifts
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If you're looking to build friendship points with King, he likes Saved, Rare, and Limited Items such as:

  • Warren Fossil (purple gift +80 Points)
  • Crown Token (purple gift +80 Points)
  • Gem Necklace (blue Gifts +30 points)
  • Meteorite Bottle (blue Gifts +30 points)
  • Postcard of Aida (green gifts +15 points)
  • Retro Harmonica (green gifts +15 points)
  • Snack Box (green gifts +15 points)
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