Tower Of Fantasy: How To Create, Join, And Leave A Crew

Tower Of Fantasy: How To Create, Join, And Leave A Crew
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2nd Sep 2022 14:12

If you're looking for how to create, join, and leave a Crew in Tower of Fantasy, we have the perfect guide for you. Like any other MMORPGs, Tower of Fantasy offers a guild system called Crew that allows players to band together with friends and random players to do dailies, world bosses, challenges, PvP, and more. To work in a Crew, you must know how to create, join or leave a Crew in Tower of Fantasy. With the information, you can join or leave a Crew whenever you want or make your own. Continue reading for our guide to create, join, or leave a Crew in Tower of Fantasy.

How To Unlock Crew System In Tower Of Fantasy 

In Tower of Fantasy, you unlock the Crew system, aka the Guilds, when you reach level 5 and have completed the tutorial. The Crew System gives you access to an array of features like creating your Crew, joining others' Crew, getting access to Crew-specific Store, daily missions, rewards, and other similar things. 

How To Create Crew In Tower Of Fantasy

You can create a Crew in Tower of Fantasy via the Crew option accessed using the pause menu. To make a Crew, you need 500 Dark Crystals. To simply things, here are steps for creating Crew in Tower of Fantasy:

  • Open Tower of Fantasy
  • Press the ESC key to open the pause menu. [On Mobile, tap the icon with three hexagons. You will find it on the right side of the game screen]
  • Click on Create button. 
  • Select your Crew emblem, motto, and other things, and finalize the Crew creation by clicking on Create button. [In this step, you have to pay 500 Dark Crystals] 

Now you can invite your friends or random players to your Crew and take on world bosses, dailies, and other activities with them. 

How To Join Crew In Tower Of Fantasy 

Joining a Crew in Tower of Fantasy requires no Dark Crystals. You can navigate to the Crew section using the above steps and click on the Join button found at the bottom left side of the game screen, search for a Crew and finally join. You can also use the Apply for All button to apply for the top ten Crew of Tower of Fantasy

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How To Leave A Crew In Tower Of Fantasy

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You can leave a Crew in Tower of Fantasy via the Members section, and the same goes for disbanding your created Crew. When you leave a Crew in Tower of Fantasy, you get a two hours penalty. After the penalty ends, you can join another Crew using the same steps. 

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As for disbanding Crews, once you dissolve your Crew, you will have 72 hours to retract the disbandment. There's also automatic disbandment; if your Crew's Honor is less than 2000 for two consecutive weeks, your Crew will enter a state where it will get automatically dissolved if the said state continues for the next two straight weeks. So in total, you have four weeks of time to maintain 2000 Honor, or else you can say goodbye to your created Crew. 

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That is it. Now you know how to create, join and leave a Crew in Tower of Fantasy. For more Tower of Fantasy guides, keep your eyes peeled on GGRecon.

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