Tower of Fantasy Apple Cake Recipe

Tower of Fantasy Apple Cake Recipe
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Kiera Mills


16th Sep 2022 15:43

Apple Cake is a Tower of Fantasy recipe, part of the limited Aida Café event. Read here to learn how to make Tower of Fantasy Apple cake and which ingredients you'll need to make it.

Tower of Fantasy Apple Cake Ingredients

Tower of Fantasy Brown Rice and Ravager
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The Apple Cake Recipe requires the following ingredients:

  • Apple - These are found within the Astra area. Found at the base of trees near the Omnium Tower.
  • Grapes – These are dropped after defeating Ravagers in Raincaller Island.
  • Brown Rice – Found throughout the Navia grasslands. Shown as brown grain plants, like other grains in the game.
  • Poultry Egg – These are often found in bird nests at high places on cliff-tops or on top of structures in the world.

Once you have the necessary ingredients, find one of the cooking pots scattered around the map and enter the 'Limited' tab at the bottom for special recipes used for the Aida Café event.

If you haven't cooked the recipe before you'll need to go to the 'Creation' tab first and enter the ingredients. The more essential ingredients you put into the pot, the higher the success rate will be (represented as a percentage on the right-hand side).


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Tower of Fantasy: Which Characters Like Apple Cake?

Tower of Fantasy Aida Cafe event Ingredients
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The following characters love Apple Cake as their desert of choice during the Aida Café event:

  • Claudia
  • Ene
  • King
  • Zero

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