Tower of Fantasy Roasted Suckling Pig Recipe

Tower of Fantasy Roasted Suckling Pig Recipe
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The Roasted Suckling Pig recipe in Tower of Fantasy is a limited-time recipe added for the Aida Café Event. To learn how to get the ingredients needed for the recipe in Tower of Fantasy, and which characters prefer it, read here.

  • Check out our Aida Café Event guide for a full list of all the character's preferences and what rewards you'll get for completing the orders.

Tower of Fantasy: Roasted Suckling Pig Ingredients

Tower of Fantasy: Roasted Suckling Pig Ingredients
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For the recipe, you'll need:

  • Wild Boar Meat – Boars are located throughout Astra, there are usually a couple of boars immediately east of the Astra Omni Tower on the plains below. Boar meat is randomly dropped when killing a boar, you may also get game meat so you may have to kill a few before getting wild boar meat.
  • Lettuce – This is a plentiful resource found throughout the Astra area.
  • Honey - Honey is dropped by attacking Needlebee hives in northern Banges and eastern Astra. Hives appear as rocks with glowing blue liquid. Once attacked, Needlebees will spawn from the hive, you must defeat these to collect the honey.
  • Sugar Cubes – These are a rare drop from defeating Aidan Soldiers in Banges.


  • Check out our Tower of Fantasy lettuce guide for further help locating the resource.

Tower of Fantasy: Which Characters Like Roasted Suckling Pig?

Tower of Fantasy: Claudia in Aida Cafe
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The following characters love Roasted Suckling Pig as the main course during the Astra Café event:

  • Claudia
  • Samir
  • Tsubasa
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