Stardew Valley Lewis: Gifts, Schedule, Heart Events

Stardew Valley Lewis: Gifts, Schedule, Heart Events
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Stardew Valley Lewis is the Mayor of Pelican Town. He has held this role for over 20 years, without any competitors for the title, suggesting he is a popular choice. He is one of the first characters to be introduced to the player and is the one that triggers the Community Centre quests in Stardew Valley. He lives alone and takes an active interest the towns businesses and festivals. To unveil more of Lewis’s private life in Stardew Valley, his heart events and favorite gifts, read on.

Stardew Valley Lewis: Best Gifts


  • All universal loves
  • Autumn’s Bounty
  • Glazed Yams
  • Green Tea
  • Hot Pepper
  • Vegetable Medley


  • All universal likes
  • Blueberry
  • Cactus Fruit
  • Coconut


  • All universal dislikes
  • All Milk
  • Salmonberry
  • Wild Horseradish


  • All universal hates
  • Holly
  • Quartz

Stardew Valley Lewis: How To Foster A Relationship

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Of the gifts Lewis loves, the easiest to obtain is the Hot Pepper. As the others are cooked dishes and require multiple ingredients and conditions for unlocking, this is a simple one to acquire. The seeds for Hot Pepper are available in the Summer and only take 5 days to grow. By also using fertilizer to increase the crop quality, you can raise your friendship with Lewis fairly quickly.

Green Tea isn’t a cooked dish, it is made by placing Tea Leaves in a keg. The recipe for these are available after unlocking Caroline’s heart event and can only produce leaves on the last week of each season (except winter).

Of the cooked dishes, the easiest to make is Glazed Yams as the recipe is given to the player in Year 1 from the Queen of Sauce and the recipe only requires Yam and Sugar to make.

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You can also raise friendship with Lewis by completing tasks from him on the town billboard and gifting him something on his birthday (Spring 7). He also gives two quests to the player through the mail.

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The first is called ‘Mayor’s Shorts’ where he will explain that he has lost his pair of lucky shorts and will reward anyone who discreetly gives them back to him. Completing this will award you with 1 heart and 750g. The shorts can be located in Marnie’s bedroom at her ranch, to enter and retrieve them however, you will need two hearts with her first. You can also opt to keep hold of them and put them on display in future festivals for hidden dialogue from Lewis, this will damage your relationship with Lewis however.

In the second year the quest ‘Mayor’s Need ‘will trigger. Lewis will ask for a bottle of Truffle Oil for a reward of 750g and another friendship heart. Truffle oil can be made by placing a Truffle (produced by Pigs) inside an Oil Maker. 

  • For more information on using Lewis’s shorts to unlock hidden dialogue in festivals, check out our Stardew Valley Luau guide which will tell you all you need to know.

Stardew Valley Lewis: Schedule

Spring and Summer

Mondays he will visit one of the local businesses at random (Robin, Willy or Pierre’s shop). He will then return home from 4pm onwards.

Tuesdays he spends his mornings gardening just outside of his house. He visits Pierre’s from 12-4pm and then returns home.

Wednesdays he will spend the day at Marnie’s Ranch.

Thursdays follow the same pattern as Tuesdays, however he will leave Pierre’s at 12:30 to stand by the tree just outside of it and then return home for the evening.

Fridays are spent the same as Thursdays, but he will visit the saloon in the evening instead of returning home earlier.

Saturdays he travels to the Blacksmith Shop, where he stays until 1pm when he then travels to the Museum. At 4pm he will leave the Museum to return home. 

Sundays he will garden in the morning and then visit Harvey’s Clinic from 12-4pm. He then returns home.


Fall and Winter

Mondays in the Fall follow the same schedule as earlier seasons, except he will visit Robin instead of it being random. In Winter, it will be Willy’s Shop he visits.

The schedule will slightly differ if the Community Centre is restored.

Wednesdays in the Fall, he will travel to Pierre’s shop instead. This is except for Wednesday 24th, Wednesday 3rd and Tuesday 9th where he will be at Marnie’s Ranch.

Stardew Valley Lewis: Heart Events

If you have any friendship level with Lewis, you will randomly get a 500g from him in the mail. This chance will increase as your friendship level with him increases.

Three Hearts

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Lewis gifts the player the recipe for Spaghetti in the mail.

Six Hearts

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Upon reaching six hearts with both Marnie and Lewis, a cutscene will trigger when the player enters the town square at night. Marnie and Lewis have a secret meeting where they discuss their affair. Marnie wants them to be together but Lewis fears that if their affair were to become public knowledge it could jeopardize his career and standing in the community.

Marnie says he cares too much about his job and that there are more important things to life, but agrees to carry on in secret. They notice the player watching and jump, the player has the option to assure them that they will keep it a secret (+50 friendship points), or say that they will tell the town about it (-100 friendship points).

Seven Hearts

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Lewis gifts the player the recipe for Eggplant Parmesan in the mail.

  • The mayor’s shorts can also be used to embarrass him at the fair. For information on how to do this, visit our Stardew Valley Fair Guide.

Stardew Valley Lewis: Secret Notes

Upon completion of the ‘Winter Mystery’ quest, the ability to pick up and read Secret Notes will be unlocked. These can be gathered from doing an array of activities like mining and defeating monsters.

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Secret Note 19 shows a map of Lewis’s house and a series of directions. If you follow the steps, it will lead you to the back of his house where you can interact with a hidden object. This object is a solid gold statue of Lewis that he has secretly commissioned.

You can keep and place this statue at your house if you wish, or leave it out in the town overnight. If this is chosen the statue will transport back to either Lewis or Marnie’s house afterward and the player will receive an angry note in the mail along with 750g to keep quiet.

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Secret Note 21 will indicate a bush in the town and a time of night to be there. The bush is located to the west of the bridge to the beach. If interacted with at precisely 12:40am, Lewis and Marnie will jump out from the bush together.

Now you’ve achieved a friendship with Mayor Lewis, why not Leah? Visit our Stardew Valley Leah Guide for tips on befriend the town’s resident artist.


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