Is Sons of the Forest on Xbox & Game Pass?

Is Sons of the Forest on Xbox & Game Pass?
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Kiera Mills


23rd Mar 2023 15:23

Desperate to find out if Sons of the Forest is on Xbox? We have the answer for you below, as well as if we can expect the game to feature on Xbox Game Pass. The game is a sequel to 2014's The Forest, which is still sat on a 10/10 on Steam.

Much like its predecessor, Sons of the Forest focuses on survival and crafting on an island inhabited by menacing cannibals. Sons of the Forest was released on PC to early access on February 23 and has been just as popular as the original title, becoming one of the most wish-listed games on Steam.

To find out which platforms you can play the game on and whether Sons of the Forest will arrive on Xbox any time soon, read here.

Sons of the Forest platforms

Sons of the Forest Opening
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As of writing, Sons of the Forest is only available to play on Steam in early access.

Early Access, as the name would suggest, provides players with early access to a game as of yet unfinished. Instead of pushing the game release further back again, developers Endnight Games decided to launch the game unfinished on Early Access, with plans to continuously release updates until the game reaches completion.

Sons of the Forest has multiplayer co-op features, allowing you to explore the horror island with a friend as you both battle to survive the night.

The game also features a helpful NPC called Kelvin, who is quickly becoming the most memed NPC of 2023. Kelvin is available in both single-player and co-op and will help you by gathering materials, creating fires and even catching food.

  • There is another friendly NPC called Virginia who can help you defend your base from the cannibals. Check out our guide on how to get Virginia here, for more information.

Will Sons of the Forest be available on Xbox and Xbox Game Pass?

Sons of the Forest Beach
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As of writing, developer Endnight Games has not discussed plans to move the game onto any other platform other than PC via Steam.

It is likely that developers will look to complete the game and get it out of Early Access before any major plans to port it onto other platforms.

This follows the same pattern as its predecessor The Forest, which launched on Early Access in 2018 and moved onto PS4 once it had finished.

The original game never made it to Xbox or Xbox Game Pass once it was released onto consoles, but it very well could change for the sequel. We will be sure to keep this updated once we know more. 

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