How to get the machete in Sons of the Forest

How to get the machete in Sons of the Forest
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Kiera Mills


10th Mar 2023 14:47

The machete in Sons of the Forest is a useful weapon which can be used for both combat and utility. Although it cannot be used to cut trees in Sons of the Forest, the versatility of the weapon and the accessible location it is in makes it a great weapon option for early-game.

If you want to grab the machete and try it out for yourself, keep reading for the machete location in Sons of the Forest.

Sons of the Forest machete location

Sons of the Forest machete location
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The machete is located on the northern beach shoreline, closely easy of the beach spawn point. Here, the weapon can be found stuck inside one of the red speedboats on the shoreline. Pick up the machete and you'll notice an abandoned camp nearby with two tents and various lootable items.

Make sure you pick up any grenades, meds, food and other scavenge items including the Shotgun rail upgrade attachment on the body next to one of the tents.

How to use the machete in Sons of the Forest

sons of the forest machete stats
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Now you have your machete equipped, you can use it to clear bushes and small trees with just one hit. Be careful, if you use it on a berry bush it will destroy the bush and the berries without adding them to your inventory. It will, however, automatically add leaves to your inventory when used to destroy bushes.

The machete is a great improvement to the axe in this regard but is not strong enough to cut down larger adult trees.

You can also use the machete as a combat weapon against enemies. The weapon is short-range but fairly damaging, with it usually taking four strikes to dispatch a cannibal or muddy. Due to this, and the fact you can grab it easily off the beach near the beach spawn point, it’s a good early-game option before you get more powerful weapons.

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