Is Sons of the Forest a sequel?

Is Sons of the Forest a sequel?
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15th Mar 2023 16:28

You may have noticed that Sons of the Forest is dominating the Steam charts at the moment, and you may be wondering if it’s a sequel to an existing game. Sons of the Forest is an action survival game that sees you stranded on an island infested with cannibal mutants.

Armed with only the equipment you’re stranded with, you’re tasked with building structures and keeping yourself and your companions alive while uncovering the secrets that the island has hidden.

It’s a novel idea for a game, which makes you wonder if there was a predecessor to that game before it. Keep on reading to find out if Sons of the Forest is a sequel to another game.

What game is Sons of the Forest a sequel to?

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In short, yes. Sons of the Forest is a sequel to another game called The Forest. The predecessor to Sons of the Forest was originally released in early access back in 2014. It followed a very similar concept where the main player character was stranded on a forest-covered island after a plane crash.

However, while you must search for your missing son in The Forest, Sons of the Forest has you searching for a missing billionaire and his family. This creates a much different dynamic where you at least feel slightly prepared for the survival ahead at the start of the game in Sons of the Forest.

In terms of story, Sons of the Forest is a true sequel in that it is set after the events of The Forest. There is a surprising amount of story hidden away in The Forest games, and there’s definite potential for elements to be spoiled for you if you dig too far without playing either game.

Should you play The Forest before Sons of the Forest?

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If you’re wondering whether you should play The Forest before Sons of the Forest, the answer is: maybe. Sons of the Forest includes lots of quality-of-life improvements that aren’t present in The Forest, which you may end up missing.

However, if you care about the story aspect of either game, then you should either play The Forest for yourself or look up a story synopsis online. This way, you ensure that you get the most out of The Forest games as possible.

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