Here's how you make & place a fish trap in Sons of the Forest

Here's how you make & place a fish trap in Sons of the Forest
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2nd Mar 2023 17:14

Survival is the main goal in Sons of the Forest which means having a steady stream of sustenance is vital. One way to keep a constant supply of food in Sons of the Forest is by creating fish traps. To learn how to create and use fish traps, keep reading.

How to make a fish trap

A fish trap is a common crafting item that you can make by gathering the following items:

  • Sticks x25

You can scavenge for sticks by exploring the grounds of the forest and beach and mountain spawn points. There will usually be a good amount of sticks on the ground at most spawn points.

How to make a fish trap in Sons of the Forest
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You can also get sticks from clearing bushes with your axe or from asking Kelvin to gather sticks for you.

How to place a fish trap

Once you have the required amount of sticks you can create a fish trap by following these steps:

  • Go into inventory matt by pressing the I key.
  • Select Guide Book to equip it
  • Makes sure it is placed in your left hand with the buildable blueprints (hold X to shift it to the opposite hand if it is not)
  • Click on the purple 'traps' tab (bottom tab)
  • Select fish trap.
  • Place the blueprint down in a suitable place such as a mountain stream or by the beach shoreline.
  • Now complete the blueprint by adding the necessary materials to it.
  • If you have the sticks in your inventory, you just need to press the E key whilst standing over the blueprint.

Fish Traps in Sons of the Forest
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Where can you find fish in Sons of the Forest?

You can also ask Kelvin to catch fish for you. You will only receive the prompt to do so on your notepad if you are near the ocean or a mountain stream with fish in it.

As such, it is best to place fish traps in these locations, you can also check the interactive map by MapGenie to get all fish spawn points in the game.

The main fish spawn points are in the mountain streams west of the snowy mountains and the two main northern shorelines.

Fish locations in Sons of the Forest
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Now you should be all set to survive off fish and continue your playthrough of Sons of the Forest.

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